Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

Moving is never easy. You can decide to do everything by yourself, but that will take a lot of energy and time. So, what now? How about arming yourself with moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer? You heard that right, and it is one sure way to make your move easy and less stressful. 

Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer – Moving Checklist

This post knows how stressful moving can be. Whether you’re moving to Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale or anywhere else in the valley, it’s important to plan in advance. It is all about making the burden lighter and moving to the other side without a single incidence. 

Now let’s see what the pros have in store for you to guarantee a smooth move.

Transfer Utilities Before You MoveMoving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

You do not want to move into a dark house with no lights and running water. Take time off your schedule to follow up on utilities. Do this in good time so that everything will be in place when you arrive at your new home. 

Hire Seasoned Movers as Soon as You Confirm Your Moving Date

Waiting to get close to the moving date is a bad idea. Movers will be booked and they may try and fit you into a different date. Book your movers early and keep them posted. The least you want is last-minute surprises when you are supposed to be moving out of your previous house. 

Don’t Buy More Food Right Before Moving

The last two weeks are time to consume perishables in your fridge. You do not want the inconvenience of having to pack your vegetables just because you did not do your timing well. Eat everything and do not buy supplies towards the last days. 

Donate or Sell your Non-essentials

There is no point of packing stuff you no longer use. They will consume space and your time. Donate them to a charity or organize an online sale. Only the things you don’t use should be first in the line of packing. Once you’ve done this, you can create a packing checklist, as you’ll know what is moving with you.

Pack a Separate bag for Things You Will Need During the Move

Medicine, water, chargers, light linen, warm clothes, and anything else you will need during the journey should be packed separately. If you will be traveling by your car, keep the bag with you. 

Bottom Line

We hope these moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer will make the process effortless. Start planning early and follow your schedule, it doesn’t hurt to figure out what to pack first and start early. Moving should not be a stressful affair after all.

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