Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

Moving is never easy. You can decide to do everything by yourself, but that will take a lot of energy and time. So, what now? How about arming yourself with moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer? You heard that right, and it is one sure way to make your move easy and less stressful. 

Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer – Moving Checklist

This post knows how stressful moving can be. Whether you’re moving to Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale or anywhere else in the valley, it’s important to plan in advance. It is all about making the burden lighter and moving to the other side without a single incidence. 

Now let’s see what the pros have in store for you to guarantee a smooth move.

Transfer Utilities Before You MoveMoving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

You do not want to move into a dark house with no lights and running water. Take time off your schedule to follow up on utilities. Do this in good time so that everything will be in place when you arrive at your new home. 

Hire Seasoned Movers as Soon as You Confirm Your Moving Date

Waiting to get close to the moving date is a bad idea. Movers will be booked and they may try and fit you into a different date. Book your movers early and keep them posted. The least you want is last-minute surprises when you are supposed to be moving out of your previous house. 

Don’t Buy More Food Right Before Moving

The last two weeks are time to consume perishables in your fridge. You do not want the inconvenience of having to pack your vegetables just because you did not do your timing well. Eat everything and do not buy supplies towards the last days. 

Donate or Sell your Non-essentials

There is no point of packing stuff you no longer use. They will consume space and your time. Donate them to a charity or organize an online sale. Only the things you don’t use should be first in the line of packing. Once you’ve done this, you can create a packing checklist, as you’ll know what is moving with you.

Pack a Separate bag for Things You Will Need During the Move

Medicine, water, chargers, light linen, warm clothes, and anything else you will need during the journey should be packed separately. If you will be traveling by your car, keep the bag with you. 

Bottom Line

We hope these moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer will make the process effortless. Start planning early and follow your schedule, it doesn’t hurt to figure out what to pack first and start early. Moving should not be a stressful affair after all.

First Thing to Pack When Moving

If you have planned to move to your new house or a new city, then you need to start packing your belongings. Packing and moving can be stressful and confusing too. People often get overwhelmed because with all of their stuff, they don’t know where to begin. Well, if you are confused about what the first thing to pack when moving should be, then we are here to help you. 

First Thing to Pack When Moving

Packing is not all about packing all your belongings at once. You need to know a lot about the supplies required for packing, how to pack exactly to keep your belongings safe and in which order you have to pack. To know more about all these, read on.

Arrange the Supplies

It is impossible to pack efficiently if you do not have the right packing materials. Here’s a checklist for some of the basic yet important packing materials that you will need:

  • Packing boxes of high quality.
  • Padding for fragile or delicate items i.e. bubble wrap.
  • Packing paper (plain white paper).
  • Old duct tape for packing.

How to Pack?First Thing to Pack When Moving

You have to pack things very carefully. Here are some of the tips in order to pack things properly:

  1. Pack in Order of Rooms: You need to pack in order of rooms. First start with the least important one and end up with the most important one. While unpacking just go exactly in the opposite direction. Start to pack things that you are taking with you but you do not have to use them anytime soon. It can be dinner sets, glasses and cups. These things also need majority of attention so make sure to devote time.
  2. Pack Lighter First: You need to start packing the lighter items first. You can start packing the items that are lighter in weight. Leave the heavier furniture and items for last. Make sure to pack the clothes, bags, kitchen sets, photos etc. first.
  3. Label Each Box: While packing, you have to label each and every box based on the room and items in it. If you are packing the photo frames in a box, label it as ‘Frames’. If you are packing essential items of your kitchen which is fragile, label it as ‘Kitchen’ and ‘FRAGILE’.
  4. Use Padding: You must fold each and every item with the bubble wrap before packing it in the box. You can keep the belongings safe in this way.

In Conclusion

So, this is all about first thing to pack when moving and how to pack them correctly. Since you cannot take a risk when it comes to your belongings, it is important for you trust a professional moving company. You have to do proper research about the moving companies available in the market to finally decide the best one. You can also ask for referrals and recommendations from your friends and family.

Packing House Checklist

If you choose to do your own packing, It’s crucial that you work room by room. It also helps to mark all boxes with the name of the room they’re going into and at least an overview of the contents. Here is a packing house checklist to consider when getting ready for a move.

Packing House Checklist

Start by getting the necessary supplies. Make sure you have enough boxes, blankets, padding and tape beforehand. Even if you are packing a messy house, start by moving from room to room with your packing checklists.

The Kitchen

  • Dishes: Pack bowls and plates together in boxes. Wrap pieces of fine china individually wit bubble wrap or paper and do this for other breakable dishes as well.
  • The Refrigerator: Start using up your food a few weeks before your scheduled move. You’ll want to empty your fridge and defrost it at least 48 hours before moving.
  • Glasses: Your best bet would be to use a sectioned box. You want to wrap the glasses individually before putting them into boxes. If you don’t have a sectioned box, avoid stacking glasses on top of one another unless they’re well protected.

Other kitchen items you need to pack include small appliances, food and silverware.

The Dining RoomPacking House Checklist

  • Table: If possible, disassemble the table and wrap the table and legs in blankets.
  • Rugs: Roll them up and wrap in paper or plastic.
  • Chairs. Wrap in blankets.

The Living Room 

  • Couches and Chairs: Be sure to handle heavy furniture with care to avoid damage.
  • Electronics: Put computers, TV, etc., back in their original packaging if you still have them and secure with duct tape. Alternatively, wrap components in blankets and towels and brace them in boxes. You can provide more protection by filling open spaces with padding, including socks, blankets and towels, etc.
  • Shelves and TV Stands: Remove any glass and wrap them in blankets.
  • Tables: Be ready to cover once loaded.
  • Home Office: Put important files – financial records, medical records, insurance policies etc. – in a box and store them separately.

The Bedroom

  • Hanging Clothes: Consider getting wardrobe cartons to store hanging clothes and have an easy time unpacking them once you’ve moved.
  • Spare Bedrooms: Put any clothing in labeled bags or boxes and break down beds. Pillows can go in dresser drawers and use plastic storage bags to store bed hardware and attach them to the headboard with tape.
  • Jewelry: Place any expensive and high-end jewelry in a container that you’ll keep with you during the move.

The Bathroom

As you pack your bathroom, make sure you have a box where you’ll keep all your toiletries, bathroom towels, toilet paper, makeup, etc. Keep the box handy as you’ll likely want to set up a bathroom as soon as you get to your new premises.

Bottom Line

Other rooms to work through include the laundry rooms and the garage or store shed. The trick with coming up with a packing house checklist is to work by room. You can always seek the help of a moving company if you are overwhelmed doing it yourself. Start packing early enough so you don’t have to rush at the last minute and have enough time to sort out your items.


How to Pack a Messy House to Move

Packing to move can be a challenge, even more so if the room is messy. Your best bet is to clean up the mess before your move to avoid taking all the clutter to your new premises. After all, who doesn’t want a fresh start once they’ve moved? You may be dealing with boxes of old documents, toys overflowing on the floor or a big shoe collection that’s taking up a significant portion of your floor space. If you have to pack up before moving, knowing where to start can be difficult. Here are a few tips on how to pack a messy house to move.

How to Pack a Messy House to Move

One of the first things you’ll need to do before you begin moving, is come up with a strategy. It’ll simplify your move if you organize your items into what rooms they belong in. Pack each room, and also label your boxes. Here are some tips to utilize this strategy.

Organize Your Home Before Packing Up

Start by packing your clothes into piles of those you should keep, donate or throw away. Getting rid of the clutter can be refreshing. Don’t throw everything away, however, as donating slightly used items can help those in need. Similarly, make some room for heirlooms and items of significance to you and your family in your new home.

Pack Room by RoomHow to Pack a Messy House to Move

Packing your items systematically by focusing on one area at a time can help you to stop stressing out about packing the entire house. Move from one room to another and before you know it, you’ll be done with the entire house.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Many people forget to pack the essentials they’ll need on the first night of they move in. Packing a separate essentials bag saves you the hassle of having to find your soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, makeup and dental floss in boxes and bags scattered in different rooms across your house. Keep this bag with you on your ride so you’ll be well prepared for your first night in your new premises.

Label Your Packing Boxes

When packing your moving boxes, consider marking and labeling them with general categories that will make it easy to differentiate the contents of each box. Consider using color-coded labels to make your work easier and have your movers place the items in their designated rooms. Alternatively, you can label the boxes with different colored markers. Another great option is to write a list of the contents of each box and attach it to the corresponding boxes.

Bottom Line

So, if you’re feeling anxious about how to pack a messy house to move, remember that there’s plenty you can do to make the process much easier. Organizing and downsizing your items will help you not feel overwhelmed, along with packing room by room. Remember to label your boxes, so you know where the items go as you begin to unpack.