Home Remedies to Kill Termites

The infestation of termites can make your furniture items useless very soon, unless you try to kill them. Termites can invade your home throughout the year as they are not seasonal. Basically, there are five types of termites including Conehead, Drywood, Formosan, Dampwood and Subterranean, but your furniture is commonly destroyed by drywood termites. While planning to kill termites you should be aware of some home remedies to kill termites. The home remedies in this article aim to help you in killing the termites effectively.

Home Remedies to Kill Termites

Use Orange Oil:

This oil can be used to eliminate termites effectively if their infestation is confined to a limited area. It is one of the inexpensive ways to get rid of termites as this oil is extracted from the peel of orange fruits.

Spray Soapy Water:Home Remedies to Kill Termites

By spraying soapy water on termites you can kill them effectively as it will make it hard for them to breathe in by making their outer shell resistant. Thus ultimately they will die. However, this method works at the surface, as it won’t kill the termites you don’t get to spray.

Spray Clove Oil:

One of the harmless and natural remedies to kill termites along with other insects is clove oil. You can mix a few drops of clove oil in water filled in a spray bottle. With clove oil, you can easily get rid of termites by spraying this solution on the affected area.

Trap Termites In Cardboard:

You can trap termites effectively and easily by using wet cardboard. The cellulose present in the cardboard will attract termites as they are fond of cellulose. When you will place this cardboard near affected area termites will start damaging it. You can use an insecticide to kill them when they are accumulated in high numbers on the cardboard.

Trap termites with Canola Oil:

you can eradicate termites from your home effectively by using Canola oil. It has been proved through a study that termites may not survive after 2-3 days if they are put in a solution of water and canola oil. This oil can be used to kill not only termites but various other insects also.

Use of Garlic Oil:

The insecticidal properties of garlic can help in killing even a severe infestation of termites. You can spray the mixture of garlic oil and water in the affected area to kill them effectively.

Flood the Soil:

A flood of water can also kill the colonies of termites if they have infested the garden soil. They may leave the place after getting frustrated by the destruction of their colonies.


The severe infestation of termites can also be eliminated effectively by electrocuting the items they are infested in. the entire colony of termites infested in a wooden item can be killed by passing high voltage current through it.

Final Words

By reading this write-up you will know various home remedies to kill termites. Using these Methods will help you get rid of them effectively and affordably. You need to get rid of termites as soon as possible as you already know how the presence of termites in your home can harm you.

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