How to Remove Super Glue from Plastic – Saving Your Items

Have you ever spilled super glue on any plastic surface? If so, you might be wondering how to remove super glue from plastic. This can be one of the most challenging tasks to do since dried glue is similar in texture to plastic. When trying to remove the super glue which has already formed into plastic form, the removers eat through it and causes it to disintegrate. This article will go over removing super glue from plastic. Below is a list of items you may need to help you remove super glue on plastic surfaces.

  • Bowl or BucketHow to Remove Super Glue from Plastic
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Paper Towels
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Balls
  • Soap
  • Tape
  • Soft Cloths

How to Remove Super Glue from Plastic

  • Using a bucket or container mix some water and soap.
  • Moisten and rinse a piece of cloth or towel with the soapy water in the bucket.
  • Get the wet piece of towel cover the area affected by the glue and allow it to set for some time. To make this step more effective cover, add a plastic wrap alongside the towel and allow it to dry up slowly to make the glue soften and come out easily.
  • For effective results remove the towel, plastic covering, and tape after 3- 4 hours to ensure effective soaking. After that get a clean cloth and use it to remove the softened glue. Repeat the process until the glue is removed.
  • As noted, this procedure is effective but it needs time and patience in order to remove the glue on the plastic surface without damaging it.
  • Another way of getting rid of the glue is by rubbing alcohol on the plastic surface. You will need the help of a soft cotton ball which will be used to rub in alcohol on the plastic surface.
  • Using a clean moistened piece of cloth blot the softened glue away to clean out the surface.

Removing Super Glue on Vinyl Surfaces

The items that you need:

  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Acetone
  • Soft cloths
  • Cotton balls

How to Remove Super Glue from Vinyl

  • Using acetone moistened cotton ball or towel bolt the glued surface until it becomes soft enough. Acetone is available on all hardware store so it won’t be hard for you to get one.
  • When the glue becomes loosely attached to the vinyl surface use a clean and moist piece of cloth or towel and gently remove the glue.
  • In order to remove any remaining acetone use clean water and cloth to wipe off the excess and later dry the surface completely.

Other Important and Valuable Tips

For precautionary purposes first, use acetone on a small area of your surface to avoid fading and discoloration of some areas since acetone is naughtily known for that. You should also remove the acetone as soon as possible to avoid any detrimental reaction which might cause damage on the surface.

Be cautious when removing superglue on any plastic surface with the print when using acetone or rubbing alcohol since it easily removes the print from the surface. Using acetone on plastic items is not recommended though it can be used as the last alternative. The trick is removing the acetone as quickly as possible to avoid any reaction with the plastic material.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to learn these procedures because they will help you if super glue spills on any metal surface. Be careful when handling the solutions since they can react with your skin too. Use protective gear when handling these solutions. Overall, you should now better understand how to remove super glue from plastic.

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