Can Termites Spread Through Clothes?

Termites can be a big threat for your home. These pests can find their way into your property by many ways. It can spread through many things and cause harm too. But can termites spread through clothes? Well, for that you need to learn a lot about the nature of the termites and what their preferred habitats are and their behavior. Thus, it will be helpful for you to protect the home against all damages from the termites. 

Can Termites Spread Through Clothes?

So, can termites spread through clothes? It is Can Termites Spread Through Clothesextremely unlikely that termites will spread through clothes as they generally travel through mud, cracks in the walls or woods.

Can Termites Harm Your Clothes?

This is one of the most asked questions by most of the homeowners. Since termites look quite similar to that of the ants to the eyes that have never seen termites before, people assume things. One of the things that people assume is that they travel in the same way like the ants. The fact is that the subterranean species cause most of the harm to your properties. The termites mainly prefer to stay as close as possible to the soil. They find the moisture from the soil for surviving. Also, these subterranean termites are quite difficult to spot as they generally hide under the ground or inside the woods.

These termites generally travel through the mud, cracks in the wall or through the woods. So, it is extremely unlikely for the subterranean termites to spread through the clothes in your closet. But drywood termites can be spotted in the clothes at times, especially if your closet or wardrobe is made up of woods. The drywood termites mainly survive in the woods and hence they can infest your clothes too if they are in wooden closets. 

Can Termites Get Into Luggage?

If you are going to travel, then it is quite common to pack your clothes in the luggage. As mentioned earlier, drywood termites can be commonly found in dry woods and above the ground. These termites like to find shelter in the siding or under the roof shingles. You have to be aware that these clothes are not affected by the termites. Drywood termites can be found closer to the gulf coast regions and in Texas. So, if you are travelling to these places, then you need to be aware of the fact that it can travel in your luggage. You need to be careful when you are packing or unpacking your bags while travelling and keeping them outside and outside of your yard rather than inside.

In Conclusion

So, can termites spread through clothes? Termites can be anywhere in your house, but are very unlikely to spread through your clothes. You need to look for different signs of the termites to know whether or not they are in your house. If you have spotted termites in your clothes, then the problem is much bigger than you imagine. If you have termites in your closets, then chances are higher that there are termites all over your house. Know the signs of the termites and kill them immediately to prevent a pest infestation. You have to find some solution for this. You can also call for professionals to help you with termite services.

Signs of Termites in Yard

According to Orkin and their termite statistics, over half a million homes in the U.S. alone get damaged by termites. On average property owners are not aware that that a propery’s backyard is where termites can colonize and make a living space first, making them hard to get rid of when reaching the property. Before matters get worse, learn quick signs to discover termites in your yard.

If you think termites might be present in your yard or property, there are some signs to be aware of. Termite poop, hollow wood, and rotting wood are some of the more common known signs of termites. From online home and pest control exerpts, the following list are common starting points to see if termites are present.


Signs of Termites in Yard

Termite Poop

Frass looks like salt and pepper. If there is a pile of this kind of mixture found outside near the base of your home or by the base of a tree, this could be a give away of where termites are originating.

Termite Wings

After a termite mates, it sheds its wings either right away, within a few hours or a couple of days after mating. Finding small translucent wings can possibly lead you towards a swarm or a trail to find where the termites are laying their eggs.

Hollow Wood

Signs of Termites in Yard
Signs of Termites in Yard

This is the easiest test that homeowners usually say is very accurate a majority of the time. If you knock on a tree in your yard or on the wooden parts of the exterior wall near the foundation of the home and it sounds hollow or empty, then it is possible that termites have infested and attacked the inside already.

Mud Tunnels

When termites are having a difficult time finding their way through a material like brick or concrete to get to their desired destination, termites can form a tunnel with mud, frass and saliva. These can usually be found by the base or foundation of the home.


Some termites make nests that look similar to a large muddy cocoon or a mosquitoes nest that is attached to a tree.

Dead Wood

Termites will initially be attracted to wood or moist wood debris that is close to the home. If there are piles of firewood or dead tree trunks near the home, be sure to check these and remove the ones that are infested by termites and kill the termites via flame.

Can Termites Live in Grass
Can Termites Live in Grass

Rotting Wood

Wood that has been exposed to moisture and bacteria really appeal to the appetite of termites. Be sure to check door and window frames that can be exposed to wet weather. Gutters that leak on the roof or home exterior can cause wood to rot on the home and need to be repaired. If the home has a pool, fountain or any water features outside, the surrounding areas need to be checked, especially if there is wood, soil or both. Learn how to check if wood has signs of rotting.

Electric Homes

Any exterior fuse boxes or electrical fixtures are common hiding places for termites. Open and examine fuse boxes, meters, electrical lines, exterior outlets or pipes for air conditioning for wings, frass or swarmers.

To Summarize

Termites have a will and they will find a way when they sense that food or a new home is near. Looking for signs of termites in the yard and living spaces will help you better identify their presence and activity.

Termites in House?

Regularily check your property for termites is more common than you think. Once termites infitrate the property, damage can be excel to an alarming rate, making repairs and extermination more costly and prolong the timeline to complete the job.

Termites in Home
Termites in Home
How to Get Rid of Termites
How to Get Rid of Termites


Home Remedies to Kill Termites

The infestation of termites can make your furniture items useless very soon, unless you try to kill them. Termites can invade your home throughout the year as they are not seasonal. Basically, there are five types of termites including Conehead, Drywood, Formosan, Dampwood and Subterranean, but your furniture is commonly destroyed by drywood termites. While planning to kill termites you should be aware of some home remedies to kill termites. The home remedies in this article aim to help you in killing the termites effectively.

Home Remedies to Kill Termites

Use Orange Oil:

This oil can be used to eliminate termites effectively if their infestation is confined to a limited area. It is one of the inexpensive ways to get rid of termites as this oil is extracted from the peel of orange fruits.

Spray Soapy Water:Home Remedies to Kill Termites

By spraying soapy water on termites you can kill them effectively as it will make it hard for them to breathe in by making their outer shell resistant. Thus ultimately they will die. However, this method works at the surface, as it won’t kill the termites you don’t get to spray.

Spray Clove Oil:

One of the harmless and natural remedies to kill termites along with other insects is clove oil. You can mix a few drops of clove oil in water filled in a spray bottle. With clove oil, you can easily get rid of termites by spraying this solution on the affected area.

Trap Termites In Cardboard:

You can trap termites effectively and easily by using wet cardboard. The cellulose present in the cardboard will attract termites as they are fond of cellulose. When you will place this cardboard near affected area termites will start damaging it. You can use an insecticide to kill them when they are accumulated in high numbers on the cardboard.

Trap termites with Canola Oil:

you can eradicate termites from your home effectively by using Canola oil. It has been proved through a study that termites may not survive after 2-3 days if they are put in a solution of water and canola oil. This oil can be used to kill not only termites but various other insects also.

Use of Garlic Oil:

The insecticidal properties of garlic can help in killing even a severe infestation of termites. You can spray the mixture of garlic oil and water in the affected area to kill them effectively.

Flood the Soil:

A flood of water can also kill the colonies of termites if they have infested the garden soil. They may leave the place after getting frustrated by the destruction of their colonies.


The severe infestation of termites can also be eliminated effectively by electrocuting the items they are infested in. the entire colony of termites infested in a wooden item can be killed by passing high voltage current through it.

Final Words

By reading this write-up you will know various home remedies to kill termites. Using these Methods will help you get rid of them effectively and affordably. You need to get rid of termites as soon as possible as you already know how the presence of termites in your home can harm you.