Unusual Fundraising Ideas – Attract Potential Donors

Fundraising is challenging for all. If you are involved in PTO, nonprofit organizations, and a school community, you might have gone through many difficulties to get funding for your purpose. You will need some unique, easy, and convincing ideas to create a fundraiser that is captivating to donors. Below are some unusual fundraising ideas that will not only catch the attention of potential donors, but will also help in earning funds for a good cause.

Fundraising Ideas

Shoe Drive  unusual fundraising ideas

Shoe drives can be very fun if done properly. The benefit of this idea is that it is easy, fun, and cost-effective. You can inspire your supporters to donate their used and new shoes to the collection material. Organizations will then take all these shoes and will send you a check. This idea is effective since it can make the best use of used shoes. You can make around thousands of dollars from this idea. It can be used both for the small and large organizations.

Matching Gifts

You might not be familiar with this idea. You will find this option in some corporate philanthropy programs. This idea enables companies to match a portion of the gifts that their employers present to the non-profit organizations. You can maximize the amount by persuading your donors to boost the donation and to get the most out of it.  

You can consider posting on social media and can also send them emails about the matching gift programs. Also, you can develop a partnership with matching gifts database to enable the supporters to utilize the programs in the best possible manner. This is more effective since the donors do not need to offer more donations. Instead, they can contribute by a being a part of the matching gift programs.


unusual fundraising ideas

Customized t-shirts can help you to collect more funds — especially if you are hosting a fundraiser for a high school sports team. You can also use it as the marketing strategy to get better exposure. Design your t-shirt with a compelling design to create a special recognition for your brand. When t-shirts will come with an inspiring and customized design, people will prefer to buy it to remember your organization. You can also promote it on social media to find more people for your organization.


Peer-to-peer fundraising will enable your online supporters to promote your organization and that will ultimately help you to get more funds for your purpose. You can design this campaign with striking imagery, custom branding, and some other exciting features. With a proven marketing plan, you can reach out your supporters and can motivate them to get the desired exposure for your brand.

Raffle Night

This unusual idea will enable you to collect fund for your organization in a unique manner.  This idea will help to influence the local businesses to donate to raffle. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to the local businesses to spread their local brand to the community.

Bottom Line

These are some unusual fundraising ideas that can help a nonprofit organization or community to raise funds without much complication. Some ideas include: a shoe drive, matching gifts, t-shirts, and many more. In addition to these ideas, you need to follow some proven strategies to get the desired benefits.

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