How To Repair Scratches On Floor Tiles

Q: Several of the tiles on my kitchen ceramic tile floor look dull after cleaning, and they’ve got many scratches. Does the tile need replacement, or can I learn how to repair scratches on floor tiles myself?

A: Glazed ceramic tiles can become dull or scratch over time even if they’re resistant and tough to high-traffic wear and tear. It’s possible to polish out the minor scratches since they don’t go all the way to the color glaze but only mark the finish. Before you learn how to repair scratches on floor tiles, you will first want to learn how to polish ceramic tile. With polishing, you will revive your tile flooring in an instance.

Ceramic Tile Repair
Ceramic Tile Repair

Below, you’ll learn how to do both. Here are some useful tips on getting rid of mice and rats in your house in case you notice feces on your tile flooring. Now, onto how to repair scratches on floor tiles.

Best Method for Repairing Scratches

To polish your ceramic tile, you need to have a debris-free surface. You will need to mop and clean the floor first in order to achieve this.

Next, you will apply some polish/brass cleaner in rubbing circles to the first scratched tile using a lint-free cloth. You will buff after the polish is dry. Baking soda and toothpaste can be used in the place of a brass cleaner.

Apply a plain ceramic tile wax or car wax rather than cleaner wax to the tile surface to temporarily protect it. Replace tiles that are cracked, broken, or scratched too deeply to buff. If you have extra tiles, you may need to locate them.

Alternatively, you can match the color of a piece of damaged tile and purchase a match for your ceramic tile repair or replacement. When learning how to fix scratched tile, one of the first things you should do is cut away the grout along the edges of the damaged tile with a grout saw. It will help you to loosen the damaged tile and create some room without damaging the tile polish of the surrounding tiles.

You will then tap the damaged tile loose using a small chisel and a hammer. Rather than damage another tile by placing the chisel at the edge, you will place it near or on the damage. Save the damaged tile to help your color match even if it cracks or chips.

Tile Polish
Tile Polish

Remove Leftover Adhesive

One of the best tips on how to fix scratched tile requires loose adhesive or debris to be cut away or brushed after removal of the tile. This ensures that the space is clean for a new tile. On the back of the new tile, apply some tile adhesive.

When fixing the new tile, ensure that there’s even spacing between the edges of other tiles and the edges of the one you’re fitting in. The grout color on the edges of the surrounding tile should match the grout’s color between the new tile edges.

Bonus Tip

Before you get to the process of how to repair scratches on floor tiles, ensure that you prepare for small repair jobs by storing extra tiles and scraps of tile. Until needed, store these extras on a shelf in the garage, a box, or a different designated area. Some of the things most likely to cause damage to a house are the most mundane things, so it’s best if you had some repair items handy.

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