What is Most Likely to Cause Damage to a House?

Your home is one of the most expensive assets you will ever own. This is why most owners are concerned about how they can protect their homes from property damage. Are you wondering what is most likely to cause damage to a house? Then keep reading for the 6 main causes of damage to properties and how you can protect your house from damage.

What is Most Likely to Cause Damage to a House?
What is Most Likely to Cause Damage to a House?

1. Wind

If you are looking for what is most likely to cause damage to a house, then look no further than wind. Strong winds can break trees and cause them to fall on houses and damage their roofs, walls, and windows. Wind is also the culprit behind homes whose rooves have been blown off. If you have loose items like furniture, they can also become projectiles that can be flung against your home by wind during stormy weather.

To protect your home against wind damage, stay on top of your preventive maintenance by trimming branches and cutting down old trees. You must also make sure that your roof shingles are securely nailed down and that there aren’t any loose items in your yard that could become projectiles in windy weather.

2. Plumbing Water Damage

Another major cause of damaged properties is water damage, both weather-related, and non-weather related. Non-weather-related water damage comes from plumbing leakages and malfunctioning equipment. For instance, a damaged washing machine can cause a major water leak that could flood a whole house, damaging the flowing and walls. Plumbing leaks can also cause mold infestations and structural damage if they go undetected or unfixed over a long time.

3. Weather-Related Water Damage

Heavy rain and flooding is another main cause of property damage. Heavy rain can flood your property and cause damage as well as destroy the contents within. Additionally, water that seeps into a building's structure can cause it to weaken as well as lead to the growth of mold. You can prevent weather-related water damage by keeping your roof, doors, and windows well maintained. This will prevent rainwater from seeping into your home. Additionally, encourage water to flow away from your home by keeping your gutters and drains clear. You can also create a gradient slope that leads water away from your towards a water retention area away from your home’s foundation.

4. Hail

Another cause of property damage is hail or frozen rail pellets. Hailstorms can lead to a damaged house as they can break windows and damaged roof shingles. Hail can also damage other assets on your property such as vehicles and patio furniture. If you live in a hail-prone area, protect your property by building your home with hardy materials that won’t get broken by the ice pellets. You can also have a covered area to park your car and store your outdoor furniture.

5. Theft

The fifth main cause of property damage is theft. The FBI reports that every 20 seconds a burglary takes place somewhere in the US. Thieves often break windows or doors and steal valuable items worth thousands of dollars. You can deter thieves from breaking into your home by cutting down bushes and installing motion detector lights and alarms as well as CCTV.

6. Fire

Thanks to modern home safety laws, fire is no longer a major cause of property damage. But when it does occur it is the most devastating as it causes total property destruction and even loss of lives. To prevent fires, it is important to observe all building safety laws. Be on the lookout for faulty electrical connections and devices and eliminate any fire hazards as soon as you detect them.

What is Most Likely to Cause Damage to a House?
What is Most Likely to Cause Damage to a House

7. Pests

Another cause of property damage are pests such as termites and rodents. Termites can eat up walls made of wood and mess up your landscaping. Rats and mice can also cause fire by eating electrical cables so keep your home rodent-free.

What Is Most Likely To Cause Damage To A House?

Some people mistakenly think that property damage cannot be prevented. While some accidents are unavoidable, we can avoid a lot of property damage through preventative maintenance of our homes. Taking out property insurance is also advisable as your repair costs are reduced in case of property damage. For more tips on how to maintain your home, read the rest of our blog.

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