Ways to Track Employee Attendance – Using a Mobile App

Every business needs to accurately track employee hours. Tracking attendance helps to ensure labor regulation compliance, timely payroll processing, calculate savings and enforcement of time-off and attendance policies. Similarly, it’s important to choose an efficient attendance tracking system that is neither time-consuming nor cumbersome for the employees. Here are a few ways to track employee attendance.

Ways to Track Employee Attendance

Once someone completes the job interview process, it’s important to be able to keep track of their hours as an employee. Being able to utilize this software will help ensure you are always able to stay on top of employee attendance and reports.

Track Remote Employees with a Mobile Attendance System

A mobile attendance system helps to track employee hours when they work away from the office or facility. This information can be integrated with the payroll system for accurate working hours. One way to do this is by legally tracking employee hours through GPS-enabled company phones.

Use Wall Mount Card SwipesWays to Track Employee Attendance

These are a modern version of the older punch card system. In this case, employees use an ID rather than a timecard to clock in and out. Data is automatically transferred to a computer where employee attendance is calculated based on hours worked.

Ensure Hours are Accurate, Complete and Current

A general rule of thumb for tracking employee attendance is to have a system that uses a streamlined time-capturing process. You need to deploy a system that delivers accurate information to process payroll faster and carry out other reporting tasks. Whether the system is automated or manual, it needs to follow a consistent way of tracking employee attendance.

Have an Automated System for Regulatory Compliance

Accurate tracking is also essential for meeting numerous regulatory compliance requirements. Any tracking solution should make it easy to comply with internal policies and government regulations. Common causes of non-compliance are from inadequate or inaccurate record keeping. Using an automated system to track attendance and time can help to prevent costly litigation arising from noncompliance and reduce errors.

Use Attendance Software That Employees Can Embrace

Being able to view and track attendance data from a centralized system can be extremely valuable to a company. Employees should have an easy time viewing hours worked including accrued time, and available sick leave. These features help employees to readily adopt attendance software.

Choose a System That Easily Integrates with Other Applications

Just like moving companies use moving software, you’ll want to choose a system that can not only capture but also share data with other applications. This is especially critical for payroll, compliance and time off needs. The trick here is to ensure a seamless exchange and integration of data.

Get Software That is Hosted in The Cloud

Cloud-based systems allow companies to store accurate attendance records without the need for expensive, internal hardware. These systems are also less costly, offering easy solutions for entering working hours and routing time for approvals.

Keep Offices Secure with Advanced Technologies

Biometric data with retina and fingerprint scans have become essential for companies that need strict tracking and access control solutions. Another popular method is swiping barcode information on employee badges.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to track employee attendance once they landed the job. Whether you go for manual or automatic methods, choose a system that will work best for your company needs while still meeting compliance requirements.