How to Care For Graphic Tees – Easy Tips

Do you want to know how to care for graphic tees? Are you looking for effective ways to make the process simpler and hassle-free?  Owning an epic graphic design is not easy. It demands a lot of efforts and caution. If you want to make your wardrobe more useful and inspiring, you can go through the following awesome tricks and tips to handle your wardrobe and maintain the new look and freshness of your graphic tees. 

How to Care For Graphic Tees

Stack Tees Vertically

Stacks graphic tees vertically in the drawer that will double the capacity and will also ensure easy access. You will love this arrangement as it will look like a graphic art display.  Your wardrobe will look inspiring for sure. 

Hang Shirts on Shirts 

Just collect soda tabs and use these tabs for saving space in the closet.   Loop those tabs onto the hangers and then hang the second hanger using the same tab’s second hole.   By doing so, you can hang shirts on shirts and ensure easy accessibility. 

Fold Your Tees

Folding your tees will not take more than a couple of seconds. If you fold your tees, you can maintain the freshness and will not make a mess by throwing all your clothes. It is always suggested to either hang or fold your clothes to avoid wrinkles. 

Get Rid of Wrinkles

If your cloth ends up on the floor, then you can spray water on your tees.  It will help you to minimize wrinkles. You can also hang your tees on the door while taking a shower.  Hanging will offer the same benefit.

Use Right Product to Remove Stains

It is natural to get armpit stains on your T-shirt. Many of us face this problem. You can use a proper armpit stain solution to remove those stains from your T-shirt. Make sure that you are not using antiperspirants with aluminum for the same purpose. Also regularly wash your T-shirts

Un-Shrink Your Tees

If you accidentally shrink your T-shirt in the laundry, you can easily unshrink it. Take hot water and add some hair conditioner and soak your tee in that water for around five minutes. After five minutes, you just need to stretch it back. 

Final Words

Now you know how to care for graphic tees. Also, it is always important to maintain the quality of your T-shirt to wear it for a long time. Take extra caution and wash it inside out to preserve the creative art. Consider gentle cycle in machine to prevent shrinkage.  Make sure that you are using cold water to wash your graphic t-shirts. But if you want to shrink your t-shirt, you can consider using warm water. Avoid machine drying.

How to Wash Screen Printed Shirts – The Correct Way

Screen printed t-shirts are quite in fashion these days. This type of t-shirt is a great way to show love for certain team or person or to advertise any event or business. The screen printed t-shirts are also used as a souvenir item. Though the popularity has increased now, the use of these t-shirts can be dated back to the early 1960s. If you love to wear these t-shirts, you have to know something about taking care of it too. So, if you are thinking how to wash screen printed shirts, then we are here to help you. Taking good care of these screen printed t-shirts is essential to keep it intact and new forever.

How to Wash Screen Printed Shirts

If you have a screen printed t-shirt, then you have to be very careful about how you handle it. You cannot treat the garment just like any other shirt or t-shirt.  You need to keep some of the care tips in mind when washing or drying it. Here are these tips:

  • You have to wash screen-printed garments inside out for protecting the screen print from any kind of abrasion.
  • You must wash the screen printed shirts with the garments that are made of similar fabrics to decrease the lint transfer and pilling.
  • You have to use a very mild detergent while washing the screen printed t-shirts.
  • You must wash the screen printed t-shirts in cool water and the temperature of the water must be below 90 degree Fahrenheit to keep it safe and intact.
  • You must lay the cloth flat or hang it to dry.
  • You have to use the cool iron to release the creases and you must keep the garment inside out while using iron on it.
  • You must iron the screen printed garments keeping them in between two pieces of cloth for protecting the design.

Things to avoid

There are certain things that you must avoid when you are washing screen printed shirts. As much as it is important to know the dos, it is also important to know the don’ts to take care of the How to Wash Screen Printed Shirtsgarments properly. Here are some of the things that you must avoid:

  • Never ever choose dry cleaning service for the screen printed t-shirts as the chemical used in this process can be harmful.
  • Avoid using bleach, especially the chlorine bleach as this will cause discoloration of the fabric threads.
  • Never ever use the fabric softener on the screen printed tees and shirts as these can degrade the ink used on these garments.
  • Do not use the steam function when you are ironing the screen printed garments.

Final words

So, these are some of the important dos and don’ts that you have to follow when it comes to screen printed t-shirts. One of the most common and frequently asked questions is about how to wash screen printed shirts. Now, you know the details about it and how you can take care of it while washing it and after washing it. Make sure to follow these to ensure that your screen-printed t-shirt will last for a long time.

Types of T Shirt – Based on Sleeves, Necklines and Fit

What are the types of t shirt available? Starting with the basic t shirt, you have the Crew Neck, the V Neck and the Henley Y Neck. The basic differences between these shirts is the shape and style of their necklines. The Crew Neck has a circular aspect that wraps closely around one’s neck and is best for people who have sloping shoulders and narrow faces. The V-style sports a “V” around the neck area and is best for people who have broad shoulders and round faces.

Types of T Shirt

The are many t shirts to choose from. They can vary based on neckline, sleeve length, and/or the type of it. Here are some characteristics that differentiate t shirts.

Scoops, Polo Shirts and Raglan Sleeves.Types of T Shirt

The Scoop Neck is a kind of Crew Neck but with a wider area, usually falling just below the collarbone. This shirt is best for a casual look.

Polo t-shirts are timeless designs that have been popularized by golfers. The addition of buttons down front can make the look more formal. Polo shirts are great for guys who have a lean frame.

Raglan sleeves get their inspiration, cut and design from traditional baseball uniforms. The sleeves are affixed by diagonal stitching instead of the more common up-and-down, which adds to the shirt’s uniqueness. In terms of sleeve type, there’s Sleeveless, Full-Length, Quarter Length and Cap Sleeves.

Different Kinds of T-Shirt Fit

There are several options for wearing t-shirts, all of which depend on your frame, facial profile, occasion and style preference. More than that, each shirt may have several aspects of fit, which can make or break your overall appearance. No one will look good on an ill-fitting shirt, so it’s best to consider the fit as well as the type when shopping for clothes.

What constitutes a good fit for you? Simple. The shirt should wrap around your torso snugly, flatter the shape of your body and provide enough air circulation to make you comfortable. Body Fit, or Slim Fit tees hug the body and can be used as an undershirt. Baggy style exaggerates the proportions and come in wide and loose sizes. Muscle fit will accentuate your muscles in the arm and chest area and is great for gym-goers or bodybuilders.

Different T-Shirt Styles

Plain colored ones don’t have any designs and are staples in any men’s wardrobe. You can opt for Printed or Graphic ones and choose which slogan or design works for you. Pocket tees usually have a small pocket stitched in the breast area. Hood-style shirts are sophisticated pieces that look great in the gym or when playing sports.

In Conclusion

There are quite a number of types of t shirt you can choose to wear everyday for comfort, style and activity. The best ones are the ones you are most comfortable wearing. The neckline, sleeves, and fit style all make a difference in t shirt types.