School Fundraising Tips – Surpass Your Fundraising Goals

Most schools understand the importance of growth and development. For proper maintenance of the academic excellence, offering scholarships and starting new programs, one needs proper funding. Without proper funds, it is impossible to develop the school in the best way. So, you need to start a proper school fundraising strategy that can help you to develop a successful fundraising plan. Here are some of the school fundraising tips that you can follow for the best result:

School Fundraising Tips

Are you planning a fundraiser in the near future? Here are some tips to help your upcoming fundraiser meet it’s goals for your school.

Tip #1: Think Ahead

The earlier you start to think about fundraising, the more funds you will be able to raise. So, you need to start planning today. You have to start by planning some amazing ways to raise funds successfully.

Tip #2: Building a Great TeamSchool Fundraising Tips

You have to first build an effective team with your students who can help you in different ways. Find the people who are friendly and great in communications. They can be perfect for this job as they can talk to potential donors and explain the cause. You also have to find someone who can keep a track on the money raised and keep on counting accurately all the time. Also, you need someone who can keep the track of the milestone.

Tip #3: Set a Goal

For the best and most efficient fundraising, you have to set a clear goal. An example of a goal is to get new sports equipment for the school’s athletic team. This goal will help you to raise more money as goals will help you to keep everyone focused and motivated. Fundraising without any goal will not have any track. You can at least aim for a better fund and successfully achieve it.

Tip #4: Prepare a Timeline

Rushing into everything at a time must be avoided. You have to pace yourself properly by making up a realistic and clear timeline for the school fundraiser. You have to provide a task list for the volunteers as well. This will help everyone to know when to do what.

Tip #5: Clear Communication

You have to keep everyone informed with the help of clear communication. It will help you to keep things moving. You’ll want to market and give the parents an early notice about the fundraising. Keeping everyone in the loop will create no confusion and avoid surprises.

Tip #6: Say Thank You

You have to let your volunteers know that you are appreciating their work and effort. So, do not forget to send a thank you card to the volunteers as well as to the donors. This will create a great impression and it will also motivate them to participate again.


School fundraising can be fun and amazing if you approach with the right planning and strategies. Follow the above school fundraising tips for the best result. Without proper planning, strategies and volunteers it is impossible to raise funds successfully. You need to make sure that you are getting all the things done as per required.

Fundraising Tips for Students

When student groups or clubs need some extra money, organizing fundraisers is a great way for them to get the cash they need. Fundraisers can help to pay for anything from new books to field trips, and students enjoy getting involved with helping their schools. Figuring out the best ways to attract donors can be tough, so here are a few fundraising tips for students.

Fundraising Tips for Students

When it comes to fundraising, it’s important to have a plan in place. Personalization, promotions, and trying new fundraising methods are some of the ways to help your fundraiser. Below we will cover how to put these methods in action.

Publicize Early and Often

Successful fundraising revolves around promoting before and during the sale. The trick here is to alert your potential donors ahead of time about the fundraiser. You can put up a whiteboard promoting the fundraiser in the school office a month or two before kick off or do an email blast to tell parents when the sale is starting. Other sources of promotions include PA announcements, outdoor signs, websites, newsletters, lunch menus and the local newspapers. It’s also crucial to compel parents to take part by emphasizing the reason behind the sale.

Limit the Number of FundraisersFundraising Tips for Students

Sometimes, putting together more products dilutes the sales. Over time, parents and the community will feel pulled and give up. Running a successful fundraiser requires you to make your potential donors understand that you’re doing only one major fundraiser. As such, focusing on better results with fewer products will compel people to buy more things.

Promote the Product as a Gift

Emphasizing your products as potential gifts can significantly increase your sales. Research has shown that people are more than happy to buy products they would not only use but also give to someone as a present. It’s not uncommon for people to buy more products as gifts than they would buy for themselves.

Personalize the Product

Consider the possibility of personalizing your product with a custom message or slogan. This might be a photo of the school or a slogan about the purpose of the fundraiser. You can have merchandise, such as discount cards, that are customized to your school/club. You can pump up the excitement and engage students, parents, as well as teachers by holding a contest to win a shirt, for example.

Try a New Product

If your fundraising efforts have become stale, consider selling something different. There are plenty of products that would hit people’s interest so changing up a product can make the sale fresh and new. Consider offering a variety of products or items you haven’t tried before.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of additional fundraising tips for students. Be sure to use creative prize incentives and involve parents as well as teachers. If things don’t seek to be working out, rethink your sales approach and sales territory. Whichever fundraising tips you choose, being enthusiastic and excited will help to guarantee success.

How to Market Fundraising Events – Prep for the Best Turn Out

Fundraising season is coming underway, and it is likely that your organization also has a fundraising party or camp on the horizon. To ensure success, a key aspect is strategic marketing. We all understand that events could be costly, and when you have tight budgets, it is tempting to ignore marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are many simple and affordable ways to inform the word. Here are a few tips on how to market fundraising events.

How to Market FundraHow to Market Fundraising Events ising Events

Don’t know how to market fundraising events? You should build a brand for your event, choose star features, take advantage of sponsors and more.

1. Build a Brand for Your Event

Creating a uniform brand for your fundraising event will help you ensure that every marketing material is simply identifiable. By doing this, people can easily recognize your organization no matter when or where they notice it, thus making them remember your event. For example, you can create a logo, choose a standardized color tone, images, or fonts for marketing décor and materials. Also, consider building a fan page on social media or your site.

2. Choose Star Features

A star feature is the most unique aspect of your fundraising event which can attract attendees. After determining these main attractions, just center marketing efforts around them, but make sure to focus on your main goals. Some common features include headlining bands or big auction items.

3. Take Advantage of Sponsors

While sponsors could help fund an event, they could also be useful in attracting attendees. Many guests might have a relationship or affinity with several businesses, so if you market these sponsorships, it is likely to pull in those companies. You can do this simply by adding the slogans or logos of your sponsors on marketing materials. Also, consider working with them to think up a plan to market both sides.

4. Publicize

The next step is to spread and publicize your event to the world. Keep in mind this task should play two roles: promoting and building hype. Ideally, you need to plan your advertising strategies several months before events and set up the radio, magazine, or newspaper ads to highlight your unique features. Do not forget to post fliers or posters around the neighborhood and plan promotions on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

5. Amplify with On-Site Marketing

Even once your fundraising event has started, your marketing efforts don’t end. You will have to prepare to market online donations after and during the event to ensure that attendees can express their thoughts and satisfaction. Also, capitalize on the success of your event and use it to gear up hype for the next one. It is a good idea to hire a videographer or photographer to capture key moments and use these pictures or videos for marketing purposes. Also, encourage your participants to share on social media by providing them with creative costume pieces or crazy props.

The Bottom Line

Don’t know how to market fundraising events? Marketing is essential to ensure that your fundraising events can attract many people and so that you can reap all of the benefits of a fundraiser. After all, if there are no attendees, you can’t raise as much money as expected. With a bit of planning and research, you can apply these strategies and promote your efforts.

April Fundraising Ideas

April is a great month to have a fundraiser, because of Easter and the perfect Spring weather. There are different ways you can go about raising money for your special cause, so we have created a list of seven fundraising ideas. Here are a few April fundraising ideas to inspire you!

April Fundraising Ideas

1) Cake & Coffee


Everyone can use a cup of coffee in the morning, and who can turn down cake for breakfast? You can have a morning fundraiser and sell cake and coffee to help successfully raise money for your cause.


2) Costume Competition


Give everyone the option to wear a costume for a costume competition but charge a fee to participate! Given the various festivities in April, dressing up can be a fun activity for the students. Be sure to offer a cool prize or reward to create an incentive.


3) Wacky Hat Day


Inspire everyone to pick the wackiest hat they can find and wear it, in return for donations. Encourage them to be creative to build up more excitement. Make things even more fun by hosting a competition for the wackiest hat.April Fundraising Ideas


4) Easter Egg Hunt


Kids and adults love Easter eggs hunts, so hosting one is a great way to raise money in April. Charge a fee for entry to all ages. You may even want to add more activities to the event such as an egg and spoon race, to attract more people. Remember to offer a prize for the winner to increase competitiveness and fun!


5) Play a Game


Play a game that everyone can participate in and charge a fee to play. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny is perfect for the season. You could also play “guess how many jellybeans are in this container”. Give a prize to the person who was the closest to the target and to the actual number of jelly beans.


6) Host an Easter Stage Production


Why not celebrate Easter with a play or talent show? Charge a fee to participate in and to watch the show. To keep costs down try to find a local organization such as a church or school, who is willing to let you host at their venue for free. At the end of the show introduce the actors or announce a winner for the talent show.


7) Get Some Exercise


April is the perfect time to get outside and get some exercise. Participate in a sponsored event such as a swim, run, or walk. Ask family and friends to participate as well!




April is a great month to begin a fundraiser for school. With these April fundraising ideas, you are sure to meet your fundraiser goals and have fun at the same time.

Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools – Unique Ideas to Consider

One of the most popular ideas for a fundraiser usually has something to do with food. Some food fundraising ideas for schools are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration. The best part of these ideas is that you can use them independently for raising funds as well as include them in all of your events like an evening for tasting a variety of food items. Although before including them in any of your events, you should be sure that it must be worthwhile and beneficial for your motive.

Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools

You can go through the food fundraising ideas provided and know the ways to use these ideas to raise funds more effectively to make your mission successful. You can choose any type of food for fundraising events, but they should be popular food items so that you can more and more people to support your fundraising idea.

Some of the food fundraising ideas may include:

  • Candy bars
  • Cookie doughFood Fundraising Ideas for Schools
  • Doughnuts
  • Lollipops
  • Wine Tasting Evening
  • Food Tasting Evening
  • Taste Test Fundraiser
  • Cookbook Fundraiser
  • Pasta Fundraisers
  • Spaghetti Dinner Events
  • Wine Pull Raffle
  • Fundraising Water Bottles!
  • Coca Cola Fundraiser
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Coffee Fundraiser
  • Fortune Cookies and Fundraising Cookies
  • Popcorn  
  • Fruit Fundraiser
  • Discount Pizza Cards Pizza Fundraiser
  • Biltong / Beef Jerky

Some of the food fundraising ideas given above are easy to sell and cheap, whereas some are profitable as well as healthy. Some items can be made more profitable for raising funds by offering discount cards. So, while choosing the food items for a food fundraising event you should choose popular foods that are greatly in demand.

How to Use Food Fundraising Ideas

The information provided here will help fundraisers to know the ways to use these ideas in a worthy manner.

  • Prepare food and organize some event
  • Choose food products popularly in demand
  • Advertise the event
  • Promote your sales team by offering incentives
  • Know your pitch of sale and practice it
  • Offer some alternatives also


After going through the food fundraising ideas for schools provided in this write-up, it can be easily be said that most of these ideas are very easy to implement successfully. But while choosing from them, you should be sure to choose the most popular products for the supporters and members of your event.  

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser

Planning an event that spreads awareness and raises money requires a lot of diligence and attention to detail. Between communicating with other advocates and creating an impact with your supporters, sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the small detail rather than the ultimate goal. Here you will learn the ins and outs of how to have a successful fundraiser.

The Big Picture is Priority

Before planning any of the minute details, know what you’re intending to overall accomplish. The main focus is how to make enough of an impact that your supporters will donate and continue to spread awareness. Once you’ve figured that out, build outward onto who to approach and what kind of event is most appropriate for your cause.

Who is the Audience?How to Have a Successful Fundraiser

Getting in touch with people who are passionate about what the brand represents will most benefit the success of your fundraiser. Understanding your following allows you to pinpoint how to better draw them in. Think about what businesses or companies will be eager to associate their name with your cause and be a sponsor.  

Get the Word Out

In this day and age, there are many platforms available just a finger tap away, it would seem impossible to not circulate information on an event. Passionate people will pass the information. An avid audience will help tremendously increase your following through word of mouth, personal blogs and social media. It is equally as important to grab the attention of various grades of sponsors – small local shops and larger corporations – will help branch your brand out to their supportive clientele also.

Be Creative

Not every fundraiser needs to be a black-tie affair with cocktail hour and slide shows. Think outside of the box when it comes to creating an experience for your guests and sponsors. Do something that really shows the impact of your actions towards your cause and how others can be just as involved. During (or perhaps in place of) cocktail hour, engage guests with a showcase or campaign video that represents the brand and mission in a poignant way.  

Have Incentives

Typically when contributing to a prominent, long running foundation, the donor may be gifted or even given information for what their donation can provide for the cause. For example, on the website for the World Wildlife Foundation, the donor can choose the dollar amount as well as what rewards are available for that donation. If you’re on a budget and can’t provide a gift for every donation, try emailing an infographic of how the donors money will be put to use. When people know where their money is going, they feel better about providing a larger donation.

Create a Website (or a Website Widget)

If you or anyone on your team knows how to work/create a website, this option will really benefit you. Rather than using a third party website for all of your donations, create a website that’s personal to your cause and can showcase the story behind your fundraiser. For the companies who sponsor you, either have a link to your foundations website or you can create a widget so that their patrons can donate without exiting a web page.

Bottom Line

Even though it can be easy to get lost in all the details of planning, remember what the main intentions are. Following these tips on how to run a successful fundraiser will help increase your audience, improve the quality of your event and make for a successful profit for the cause that you’re supporting.

Unusual Fundraising Ideas – Attract Potential Donors

Fundraising is challenging for all. If you are involved in PTO, nonprofit organizations, and a school community, you might have gone through many difficulties to get funding for your purpose. You will need some unique, easy, and convincing ideas to create a fundraiser that is captivating to donors. Below are some unusual fundraising ideas that will not only catch the attention of potential donors, but will also help in earning funds for a good cause.

Fundraising Ideas

Shoe Drive  unusual fundraising ideas

Shoe drives can be very fun if done properly. The benefit of this idea is that it is easy, fun, and cost-effective. You can inspire your supporters to donate their used and new shoes to the collection material. Organizations will then take all these shoes and will send you a check. This idea is effective since it can make the best use of used shoes. You can make around thousands of dollars from this idea. It can be used both for the small and large organizations.

Matching Gifts

You might not be familiar with this idea. You will find this option in some corporate philanthropy programs. This idea enables companies to match a portion of the gifts that their employers present to the non-profit organizations. You can maximize the amount by persuading your donors to boost the donation and to get the most out of it.  

You can consider posting on social media and can also send them emails about the matching gift programs. Also, you can develop a partnership with matching gifts database to enable the supporters to utilize the programs in the best possible manner. This is more effective since the donors do not need to offer more donations. Instead, they can contribute by a being a part of the matching gift programs.


unusual fundraising ideas

Customized t-shirts can help you to collect more funds — especially if you are hosting a fundraiser for a high school sports team. You can also use it as the marketing strategy to get better exposure. Design your t-shirt with a compelling design to create a special recognition for your brand. When t-shirts will come with an inspiring and customized design, people will prefer to buy it to remember your organization. You can also promote it on social media to find more people for your organization.


Peer-to-peer fundraising will enable your online supporters to promote your organization and that will ultimately help you to get more funds for your purpose. You can design this campaign with striking imagery, custom branding, and some other exciting features. With a proven marketing plan, you can reach out your supporters and can motivate them to get the desired exposure for your brand.

Raffle Night

This unusual idea will enable you to collect fund for your organization in a unique manner.  This idea will help to influence the local businesses to donate to raffle. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to the local businesses to spread their local brand to the community.

Bottom Line

These are some unusual fundraising ideas that can help a nonprofit organization or community to raise funds without much complication. Some ideas include: a shoe drive, matching gifts, t-shirts, and many more. In addition to these ideas, you need to follow some proven strategies to get the desired benefits.