Good Characteristics for a Job Application

Employers consider numerous factors when separating the average worker from the most ideal candidate for a job. While every business has inherently unique needs, there are several qualities and employee characteristics that everyone seems to value, the most common being; work ethic, attitude, and dependable. Here are some of the good characteristics for a job application.

Good Characteristics for a Job Application

When it comes to landing an interview, it’s important to know how to showcase yourself on a resume. Here are some characteristics recruiters look for when it comes to job applications.

Strong Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is one of the most popular qualities recruiters look for in a candidate. Over 70% of recruiters expect job applicants to demonstrate a strong work ethic. Job applicants who set high goals for themselves, or are receptive to stretch goals from their superiors, are willing to do more than just show up at work when they’re needed and leave when their shift is over.

DependableGood Characteristics for a Job Application

According to hiring managers at Indie Boutique Apartments, Dependability can make a world of difference between a job applicant who usually follows through and one who consistently does. Candidates who demonstrate a commitment to completing tasks on time, as assigned, during the application process are more likely to continue with the same trend as employees.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude has plenty of benefits for individual employees and their colleagues. Positivity increases productivity and creates a more conducive environment for fellow employees. Outstanding employees consistently stand out for their positivity and earn great reputations for themselves.

Resilience is an important trait for anyone who wants to have success in their work life, but it’s especially crucial when you are working with other people. Maintaining positive energy even after making mistakes shows that person has what it takes not just day-to-day mentally or emotionally; but can handle stressful situations.
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Personal Qualities for a Job

When seeking employees for a job vacancy, recruiters often look for candidates who can work effectively with little to no direction. These employees need no more than sheer interest and enthusiasm to take initiative and get work done. This is why you need to be self-motivated when searching for a job. And self-motivation goes hand-in-hand with confidence as a skill that’s highly sought after among candidates.


An ability to work well with others is also a critical trait. Hiring managers often look for candidates who are comfortable working with a team. Many companies attribute their success to synergy and teamwork, and not just individuals. So, it’s not uncommon for interviewers to look for candidates with a history of collaboration.

Effective Communicator

Communication is also a top soft skill chosen by recruiters. An ideal employee will understand the value of good communication, as well as the consequences of poor or ineffective communication. Job applicants need to be able to demonstrate their ability to communicate in a manner that aligns with the expectations of the company.

The ideal employee will have a diverse range of communication skills, from being able to discuss problems at work and resolve them effectively or raise concerns without fear. Geneva Arizona Mortgage Lenders


The ability to adapt in a meaningful way, especially in the face of change, is an invaluable characteristic. For instance, candidates need to be comfortable with the unknown elements of a job, adjust to shifting goals and pick up new skills. Applicants who demonstrate flexibility can adapt more easily to their new work environment.

With the recent rise in technology, it is more important than ever for people working at a company to be happy. A good employee will do anything as longs their job provides them with an opportunity and treats fairly by management or other employees within the business environment that they work around every day.
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Qualities of a Good Employee

While there are plenty of other good characteristics for a job application, the soft skills mentioned are considered among the most important. Not everyone will possess each of the qualities of a good employee, but some traits can be developed over time.

Good Characteristics of Job Applications

Recap of Good Characteristics of a Job Applicant

When applying for a job, one of the most important things is to make sure that they have good character traits. A person’s resume will only get them so far in an application process- it needs more than just being well written and organized; there needs to be something special behind every piece of paper you submit! The best way I’ve found myself successfully using these qualities as part of my applications was through personalizing each field with relevant experience, while also making sure not too much space wasted on unnecessary details or information (such as titles). This made me stand out among other candidates because employers could see how much care went into crafting this document which reflects what kind of employee would become a great addition to their company. – Phoenix Pop Team

Ways to Track Employee Attendance – Using a Mobile App

Every business needs to accurately track employee hours. Tracking attendance helps to ensure labor regulation compliance, timely payroll processing, calculate savings and enforcement of time-off and attendance policies. Similarly, it’s important to choose an efficient attendance tracking system that is neither time-consuming nor cumbersome for the employees. Here are a few ways to track employee attendance.

Ways to Track Employee Attendance

Once someone completes the job interview process, it’s important to be able to keep track of their hours as an employee. Being able to utilize this software will help ensure you are always able to stay on top of employee attendance and reports.

Track Remote Employees with a Mobile Attendance System

A mobile attendance system helps to track employee hours when they work away from the office or facility. This information can be integrated with the payroll system for accurate working hours. One way to do this is by legally tracking employee hours through GPS-enabled company phones.

Use Wall Mount Card SwipesWays to Track Employee Attendance

These are a modern version of the older punch card system. In this case, employees use an ID rather than a timecard to clock in and out. Data is automatically transferred to a computer where employee attendance is calculated based on hours worked.

Ensure Hours are Accurate, Complete and Current

A general rule of thumb for tracking employee attendance is to have a system that uses a streamlined time-capturing process. You need to deploy a system that delivers accurate information to process payroll faster and carry out other reporting tasks. Whether the system is automated or manual, it needs to follow a consistent way of tracking employee attendance.

Have an Automated System for Regulatory Compliance

Accurate tracking is also essential for meeting numerous regulatory compliance requirements. Any tracking solution should make it easy to comply with internal policies and government regulations. Common causes of non-compliance are from inadequate or inaccurate record keeping. Using an automated system to track attendance and time can help to prevent costly litigation arising from noncompliance and reduce errors.

Use Attendance Software That Employees Can Embrace

Being able to view and track attendance data from a centralized system can be extremely valuable to a company. Employees should have an easy time viewing hours worked including accrued time, and available sick leave. These features help employees to readily adopt attendance software.

Choose a System That Easily Integrates with Other Applications

Just like moving companies use moving software, you’ll want to choose a system that can not only capture but also share data with other applications. This is especially critical for payroll, compliance and time off needs. The trick here is to ensure a seamless exchange and integration of data.

Get Software That is Hosted in The Cloud

Cloud-based systems allow companies to store accurate attendance records without the need for expensive, internal hardware. These systems are also less costly, offering easy solutions for entering working hours and routing time for approvals.

Keep Offices Secure with Advanced Technologies

Biometric data with retina and fingerprint scans have become essential for companies that need strict tracking and access control solutions. Another popular method is swiping barcode information on employee badges.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to track employee attendance once they landed the job. Whether you go for manual or automatic methods, choose a system that will work best for your company needs while still meeting compliance requirements.

Job Search Steps


Whether you are looking for a first job or in between jobs at the moment, there are many things you will have to prepare to make yourself suitable and ready for work. Get organized and ready with some of these job search tips anyone can easily follow.

Job Search Steps

Prepare or Update Resume

If you are fresh out of school and have no work experience, you will need to write your resume in a way that shows what all of your best skills are and the ways that you learned or showed those skills to your fullest potential. It doesn’t matter if you were the Student Body President or Head of the class in culinary, any skill or experience that shows you are able to follow a list of responsibilities is key to include in a resume.


For those who are looking for a career or a company, the change will need to update their resume to the most recent job held. Bring up to date all of the names, titles, phone numbers or even your email and home address. Now, resumes include social media handles and tags for more information and personal reference.


Keep in mind that all of your experience, skills, and knowledge need to be viewable at a glance on one sheet of paper or internet page. Employers want to see a clean, clear and organized resume that gets straight to the point of telling the employer that you will add value to their company. This is why it is important to update a resume and keep only the jobs that were held the longest or have the most relativity to the job you are looking for.


Apply for Jobs

It is almost impossible to not find a job with technology at the fingertips. There are multiple job searching platforms that can help you narrow down your search to locate all the jobs within your requirements and skill set. In the past, you would have to print out a stack of resumes and hand them out to businesses you hope will one day hire you if Job Search Stepsthey ever needed the help. Now you can just scroll and click without leaving your house and have an interview the very next day.


Practice Interview skills

Going on an interview is a lot like auditioning. You think you know what to expect, but you really don’t. Initially, you may think you’re absolutely prepared until you’ve hit traffic, spilled coffee on your only dress pants or forget you’re own name upon shaking the employer’s hand. One thing you can at least try control in advance is your nerves. Practicing how to answer the basic interview questions and anything else you plan on saying will help the nerves subside a bit.


Look up the most common interview questions (lists range anywhere from 5 to 30, so good luck) and pick a handful that you can practice. Other aspects you’ll want to become confident in are your introduction, previous employment information, and body language. It isn’t silly to practice in front of a mirror for job interviews. As I’ve previously mentioned, you don’t want to stumble or stutter when asked your name and age.

First-time job hunters will really benefit from these job search tips as it outlines the basic interview skills everyone should need. For those who are in between jobs, these tips are good to help you remember what exactly is expected of you when looking for a job.

Importance of Fundraising

The importance of fundraising is not new to those who are running a charity, or are members of such organizations. In essence, fundraising is a campaign that can be undertaken in many forms and aims at raising money for a particular cause. Fundraising is an important task to help move towards a financial goal to help an organization.

Discount Card Fundraising

There are different types of platforms that can be used for fundraising. If you are doing a local fundraiser, discount cards are a great option. Fundraising discount cards directly connect the public with the donors. Those who purchase the cards are clearly informed about the fundraising, and the goals that it is trying to achieve. The way discount cards work is business provide a percentage discount to those who have the cards. This gives incentive for the public to buy cards that both benefit the fundraiser, and their own pockets. It also helps bring extra business to those who offered the discounts.

Social Media FundraisingImportance of Fundraising

Fundraising can be undertaken also by online posts, leaflets or in other small ways to promote the charity. They can be deployed to a good result for making the name of the charity and its message accessible and popular in a big area. But there is a problem with this method that the message may simply be discarded by the recipients. Social media has emerged as one of the best solutions of fundraising, opening up the scale on which the exercise can be undertaken. When fundraising on social media, you’ll have to create an engaging post to avoid people scrolling past it. Social media fundraising offers immense opportunity that can produce huge funds and public sentiments if undertaken effectively.

Importance of Fundraising – Not Just Raising Money

Fundraising is more than just raising money, it is a way to spread and popularize the message and objectives of a charity. People are less likely to donate unless the objectives are explained in a transparent and convincing manner. However, the survival of a charity on a confident note demands availability of funds. A charity would not be able to promote itself or the cause that it has chosen without the availability of adequate funds. This is more so for nonprofit organizations that spend public funds for their work and functioning. A charity can expand its programs and coverage to a wider area if it has access to adequate funds. If time and money is invested, a charity can make a global impact and outreach. This will see to it that the charity is able to fund and help the cause that it has chosen, for example funding scientific innovation.

In Conclusion

There are specialized marketing services available to help with discount cards and social media fundraising opportunities, whose efforts make sure that the charities thrive and not just survive with the help of public money. Thanks to these fundraising methods, charities are able to spread the message and goals of their organizations effectively. It also helps promote the importance of fundraising and how the public can help their cause.

Unusual Team Building Activities – Bringing the Team Together

Are you looking for some ways to boost the productivity on your team? You want to inspire them to work with their full potential. There are many proven steps that you can consider to increase the productivity of your team and the efficiency of your organization. Don’t forget to get notebooks for everyone for them to have something to take back with them. To help bring some more excitement and unison to a team, consider trying these unusual team building activities.

Different Unusual Team Building Activities

Blindfolded Food Tasting

This unusual activity can really help you to build your team and to win the trust of your team members. It is fun and entertaining. All your team members are going to love this idea. Blindfold them and ask them to choose from a variety of food.


Unusual Team Building Activities

Paintballing is a common team building activity. Organize a paintball event to develop the team spirit.

Board Games

You might have a team with different age groups, interests, and passions. Therefore, it is important to organize an event or activity that can be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for such an activity, you can think of board games. This game can entertain all regardless of age. You can arrange multiple games set up and declare a winner to make it even more fun and interesting.

Cardboard Boat Racing

Cardboard boat racing can entertain many. Divide your team members into different teams and ask them to build their own boats. Make sure that everyone is able to get the same resources to build the boat.

Zombie Evasion

This activity is a bit different from the paintballing. You do not need to shoot each other. Instead, you will have to try to get rid of all those zombies coming to get you and find ways to escape them. There are different escape rooms that can really help bring a team together and build communication and critical thinking skills.

Sports Day

You can also plan for a sports day to bring all your team members together. They will enjoy having fun. This is also an idea that can be done on the weekends where the team can bring their family out with them as well. Don’t forget to get matching graphic tees for the event! 

Bottom Line

All of these unusual team building activities will work well with proper planning. The best way to create a productive team is to bring them together and to inspire them to enjoy the moments most. Sometimes even getting together to have an online fundraiser to help with costs can help your team out.  Some ideas for these activities included a blindfolded food tasting, paintballing, board games, sports events, a zombie evasion, and boat racing.

How to Get Your First Clients – Get Your Brand Noticed

Congratulations on deciding to become your own boss. Working for yourself can be liberating and utterly satisfying. But before you pop that bottle of champagne, here’s the catch: working for yourself means that you have to get your own clients. Your job as a freelancer will never really kick off until you do something for someone, knowing how to get your first clients will help get the ball rolling.

If you are unsure how to get started, this article features a compilation of all the methods used by freelancers to land new clients. Be advised, some of these methods require you to actually leave the comfort of your home or office and meet new people out there. Don’t forget the importance of compliance in your new business. So, if you’re ready to finally get your business up and running, here’s how to get your first clients.

How to Get Your First Clients

1. Try Some Offline Networking

We all dread meeting new people, especially if they’re in large groups. However, you need to shove this feeling of dread aside if you hope to land new clients any time soon. Go out there and attend local events where you might meet prospective clients. Use Google to search for business events in your locale and make a point of attending them as frequently as you can manage.

2. Do Some Work for Free

No one will hire you if you have no experience and no clients, but a few might consider letting you work for free in exchange for testimonials. Don’t turn down the chance to impress a new client even if you’re not getting paid for it. The experience and testimonial you will get in return is invaluable, and it will ultimately be what your business needs to attract the attention of prospective clients.

3. Let Everyone Know What You DoHow to Get Your First Clients

People won’t automatically know what you do if you don’t tell them about it. Update your social media pages and let all your contacts know that you’re looking for work. Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool, so don’t be surprised if you start getting referrals left right and center.

4. Ask for Referrals

If you’re still not getting referrals, why not just come out and ask for them directly? Ask any old clients, businesses, old schoolmates, and acquaintances if they can refer you to someone who needs your services.

5. Search Through Job Boards and Freelancing Sites

The pay here is meager, but job boards and freelancing websites offer a good starting point for new businesses. If not for the money, getting clients from these sources will give you experience and can also serve as a foundation for your client base.

6. Try Cold Outreaches

If you have a clear idea of the type of clients you want to work for, go online and Google them, then perform a cold outreach via email or phone. Adopt a friendly, non-salesy tone with these people, and let them know how your services can help them in their respective fields.

7. Do Plenty of Follow-Ups

Follow up with any clients from the past and see whether they still need your services, or whether they know someone who does. Again, reach out to them in a friendly manner, ask about their kids, their families, and have some friendly conversation before getting to the core of the matter.

8. Work from Co-working Spaces

Try shifting from your home office to a co-working space every so often where you can meet like-minded business people. Networking with such people can be very beneficial to all parties since they can direct some clients your way if you return the favor.

9. Maintain an Active Online Presence

Don’t be shy about answering questions on online forums especially if you consider yourself knowledgeable in that particular field. This bit of information can reel in more clients with the same problem in the future, so you never really know how far being active online can take you.

Bottom Line

Talk to anyone and everyone about referrals as well as your services when your business is just starting out. It’s best to know how to get your first clients so your business can grow right from the start. Project confidence when talking about your services, but be kind and affable to leave a lasting impression.