Benefits of Escape Rooms

What are the exact benefits of escape rooms? In case you haven’t heard of them, escape rooms are mystery solving team building games where players are placed in one or more rooms and work together to solve mysteries, discover clues and accomplish a specific goal. The escape room basics are both challenging and fun, but can make for an educationally-enriching experience, if you know some good escape room tips. Because of this, there are several benefits that come from playing escape rooms, and if you’re wondering about them, we’ll explain each one of them right below!

Benefits of Escape Rooms

Increases Memory

Escape rooms are full of puzzles, which boost your memory power through continuous interactions with language, symbols and codes. As a matter of fact, some puzzles require you to remember some specific details for later on, so escape rooms nourish your memory retention and increase its longevity and capacity.


Improves Social Skills

It’s advisable to socialize with people when you find yourself facing high-pressure and/or challenging situations, and this is actually what you’ll go through during any escape room session. You’ll communicate a lot with your team when it’s time to get out of a tight situation, which will help you build relationships and enhance your communication skills.

Benefits of Escape Rooms

Stimulates Your Senses

Escape rooms put you at the center of the action, where you get to experience sounds, aromas, temperature, exciting feelings and so on! Adrenaline will rush through your body and your survival instinct will turn on during the most challenging parts of the game, so expect your senses to be completely awoken on escape rooms.


Increases Your Happiness

We all know the sweet flavor of joy after completing a tough challenge, so expect to taste it a lot when you successfully solve puzzles and complicated riddles! Teamwork and that good feeling of accomplishment will be the most exciting things you’ll experience during the game!


Unique Experiences

When you leave the escape room, you won’t be the same. You know you have achieved countless of things, solve complex puzzles, created new relationships and unique memories with your teammates… You know you went through an experience of a lifetime and will never forget it. And that’s perhaps the major benefit of escape rooms: the good memories that will linger with you from now on.

Common Questions

What do you do in an escape room?

You basically go through several themed rooms, solving problems, fighting against the clock with the help of other people, and working your way out to the goal. Basically, it’s a game where you have to accomplish your given mission through clues and hints scattered around.


Are escape rooms good for team building?

Yes. Escape rooms are excellent mystery solving team building games, as they promote communication and socialization among teammates. It will have enhanced your social skills by the time you finish the game.


As you can see, the benefits of escape rooms are multiple. To be more precise, any kind of mystery solving team building game is good for psychological health, even more so if you require mind-challenging games that can take you out of your comfort zone. The escape room basics are easy to follow, so you’ll have fun whilst nurturing your mind and spirit through several challenging stages. This is why we recommend you to find some good escape room tips and get your game on as soon as you can: you won’t regret it!


Escape Room Skills – Physically and Mentally

Escape rooms are very interesting and fun to participate in. Besides being exciting and interesting in nature, there are some amazing benefits to immerse yourself in a real escape room scenario. There are some amazing benefits of playing escape room. There are some escape room skills that you can master to help you in this game as well as in your life. These are:

Escape Room Skills

Do you know the benefits of an escape room? Escape rooms help build various skills, such as creative thinking, and attention to detail.

#1: Brain Exercising

Live escape games are a challenge that players take to get out of a room exercising their brain and finding clues. They have to do something very unusual as well as very different. This game requires people to think a bit out of the box. The challenges are real and this is a game that you have to play out of your comfort zone. Brainstorming is one of the skills that you have to master in order to escape the room. There are many clues that are hidden in the room that you have to find and match with other in order to find a way out.

#2: Competitive DriveEscape Room Skills

With the clock ticking and you have only 60 minutes in hand for escaping the room, you have to be fast and competitive in nature. You have to solve the puzzles quickly and get the clues to find your way out from the room. This increases the competitive mindset and helps you to be more attentive and efficient.

#3: Concentration

Many people play live escape games all across the world. Though the game is exciting and for fun, it demands great concentration. You have to be present in the game and focus. Notice everything that is around you as anything can lead you to the result. You have to solve complex puzzles, find answers to the riddles and get clues to get out. You cannot keep thinking about other things when focusing on one puzzle. Concentration and attention to detail are important.

#4: Creative Thinking

No matter how talented you are and experienced you are in this game, without the skill of creative thinking, you cannot find possible solutions. You and your team will have to think out of the box and recognize some of the patterns or numerical sequences that can be helpful in the game.

#5: Awareness

Playing the escape room games can increase the level of awareness in people. You have to be intensely aware of things and search for them. There are several things that we are not aware of in normal life but can have a great value. The heightened level of awareness is important for the escape room.


So, these are some of the escape room skills that you can adapt or master when you are playing the escape room games. In an escape room scenario, you may find it quite confusing at times. But you need to remember to concentrate and brainstorm with your team. When you are thinking a bit out of the box and looking for some clues, you will likely to get them.

Escape Room Benefits – Improve Various Skills

An escape room is simply an immersive experience that encourages participants to cooperate, get clues, and solve problems to complete a given mission. These activities are often learning and cognitive experiences for many people, as well as provide a great gaming experience. Also, escape rooms can be a great opportunity for players who are looking for scenarios which can be educationally-enriching and make them feeling content, intelligent, and happy. If you are still hesitating about this form of entertainment, here are some escape room benefits to know.

Escape Room Benefits

Below are some of the main benefits you can experience when you try an escape room.

Improve CreativityEscape Room Benefits

One of the most important benefits of escape games is that they provide participates great opportunities to employ their mind to solve problems creatively. Most of these activities require you to challenge yourself and your teammates to think outside of the box. From difficult riddles to hectic physical exercises, escape rooms can be a great place to break from normal life and live with your creativity. More importantly, these experiences can transition into many areas of your life and improve your productivity.

Enhance Collaboration

Even in those settings in which collaboration already exists, encouraging teamwork and cooperation in a new context like escape rooms could stimulate idea and communication synthesis skills in participants. Dealing with a new group of issues in a strange environment could break the daily routine of people who just collaborate with their own colleagues in the same departments. In other words, escape games provide a great opportunity for us to mix and match between different teams from various departments in the same organizations. As a result, there will be many challenges to help them work more efficiently with new faces.

The team which struggles together will stay together. Escape games allow different people to face and overcome the same challenges, thus building empathy between them. Even though victories can be significant, struggling and failing together could also be valuable lessons because it provides team members with a great opportunity to express their appreciation, responsiveness, and compassion.

Reduce Stress and Have Fun

If you are stressed from your daily work, then escape games can be a great option to have fun and get away from stress. With many interesting activities and challenges, you can get great joy and satisfaction from dealing with new information or cooperating with new people. As a result, this will increase your adrenaline and give you a sense of achievement when the mission is completed.

Increase Your Motivation

Problem-solving activities and physical movements in an escape room would trigger your brain to produce more dopamine. This substance does not only encourage the brain to have a greater sense of pleasure, but it would also be important for improving your motivation. In addition, these activities can create a pattern of challenges to success, thus creating a positive connotation and training your cognitive system to incentivize achievements in the future.

In Conclusion

Overall, playing in an escape room is fun. All the escape room benefits and psychological satisfaction that you get from participating will make you feel entertained and help improve many skills. Thus, it is a great option for personal entertainment, work events, or team building activities.