Reasons to Go on a Segway Tour

For most travelers, time is precious. You want to visit as many sites as possible, eat all you can and do it all in the shortest time possible. When it comes to choosing a way to move around a new city, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s everything from biking to walking and double-decker bus. However, a popular way to tour a city is by going on a Segway tour. They’re growing in popularity and here are some of the reasons to go on a Segway tour.

Reasons to Go on a Segway Tour

In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons you should consider going on a Segway tour. Segways have become popular and they’re an amazing way to see a city, giving the rider many benefits to riding a segway.

It’s Fast

Since you’re on wheels, you’ll probably be going much faster than you would when walking. A Segway tour allows you to cover a great distance in a short amount of time. As a result, you’re able to see more if not all the sights you planned to see in the first place.

If you’re really on a tight schedule, consider talking to your guide about your itinerary so you can let them know the specific sites you want to see. Most Segway tour guides will be happy to provide a customized tour.

It’s KnowledgeableReasons to Go on a Segway Tour

One of the biggest advantages of a Segway tour is that you get a local tour guide who is familiar with the place and can make the entire experience much better. A guide will give you tidbits of information and facts about the area that you would typically not know by just reading or looking in a guidebook.

Who wouldn’t enjoy some trivia and fun as you ride along during the tour? In the long run, you’ll definitely walk away with a little more information about the area you’re visiting.

It’s Fun

If you haven’t tried a Segway yet, you should add it to your bucket list. Segways are so much fun to ride. Hopping onto a Segway for the first time and cruising around is a fun and exciting experience. It also has a top speed of 12MPH, which can be a real blast.

Combine the joys of traveling with the fun technology of a Segway and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an ideal city tour.

It’s Easier Than It Looks

It’s normal to feel nervous the first time you hop onto a Segway but it’s surprisingly easy to learn how to ride one. Segway tours often have guides who will show you how to control the device. The chances are you’ll do a short orientation before the tour with simple and clear instructions. In about five minutes you’ll be riding up and down like a pro.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the reasons to go on a Segway tour. It really is unlike any other experience you’ll ever have. It may seem like riding a bike, but it’s something else altogether. Time flies when you’re having fun and that something you’re likely to feel when you go on a Segway tour.

Segway Facts – The Story Behind Them

Have you heard of Segway tours? Well, they are the most revolutionary yet fun way to explore somewhere you haven’t been before. Whether you are a first time visitor to any city or a regular visitor, you will definitely want to explore the places which are yet to be discovered. The beauty lies in those places. If you want to do so then you are going to love to do the same on a Segway scooter. Here are some fun and interesting Segway facts that you might not be aware of.

Segway Facts

While you may know how to ride a Segway, do you know how or why they were invented? Maybe you know their origin but don’t know how to ride one. Below are some facts about Segways for you.

  • #1: Inventor of Segway

The inventor of the Segway is a talented and brainy businessman from New York. His name is Dean Kamen.

  • #2: What was the Initial Design?Segway Facts

Well, many don’t know that the first idea of the Segway was to create an innovative wheelchair. However, it eventually ended up being one of the most innovative products that allow people to wander around the cities in a fun and effortless way.

  • #3: 1st Construction

The Segway was first constructed in the year 1999 on July 27.

  • #4: First Public Appearance

The Segway made its first public appearance in December, 2001 on a famous television show named ‘Good Morning America’.

  • #5: Derivation of the Name

There are many discussions about this topic. Most of the people believe that the name ‘Segway’ came from the word ‘segue’ which means smooth transitions.

  • #6: Reality of Segway

The core structure of Segway is quite simple. These have 2 wheels and are powered by electricity. It can be controlled with hands and your body weight.

  • #7: Learning Process

It is very easy to learn how to handle the Segway. You can learn to handle it in just a few minutes. You have to push the handle bars for directing the vehicles and balance the body right to make it go right or left.

  • #8: Launched in the Market

The first time the Segway scooters were launched in the market was the winter of 2002.

  • #9: Are they Fast?

Segway’s can actually go faster than that of the average speed of pig or squirrel. This is a great way to get around a new city quickly.

  • #10: Best way to try Them

The best way to try them is when you want to explore a city and go for a tour of Seattle.

Bottom Line

If you were really hungry to learn about various Segway tours, then we hope the above mentioned Segway facts helped you learn more about them and how they work.