How to Move Heavy Furniture on Wood Floor

You might have already heard about the fact that moving your furniture pieces without proper precaution and care can lead to unwanted and ugly scratches on your hardwood floor. That will certainly not look good on your perfectly engineered and designed wooden floors. Nobody will want to harm or damage their floor. So, you need to know some of the efficient tricks and tips that can help you in moving heavy furniture without damaging the wooden floor. If you want to know how to move heavy furniture on wood floor, here are some methods for you:

How to Move Heavy Furniture on Wood Floor

When you are moving heavy furniture on wood flooring, you can use rugs, towels, and felt pads to move the furniture without scratching the floors. Here we will go into details about how to use each method:

#1: Use Rugs

You can use a perfectly sized rug for moving the furniture pieces without damaging your wooden floor. You can slip a perfectly-sized rug under the furniture that you want to move. Now, you can slide the furniture slowly to the new location where you want to keep it. Make sure that you are using the softer size of the rug for this. So, you need to use the top side.

#2: TowelsHow to Move Heavy Furniture on Wood Floor

You can also use a towel for this job. You have to slide the towel under the legs or the corners of the furniture first. Now you can smoothly transfer the pieces of furniture from place to another or from one room to another. This becomes quite easy and it will not damage the wooden floor too.

#3: Plastic Bags

Well you can also use plastic bags for moving your furniture pieces safely in your house without harming the wooden floor that you have. You have to tie the legs of your furniture with the plastic bag before moving it. Once you are done, you can slowly move the furniture from one place to another without causing any scratches on your floor. To be a bit extra sure of avoiding scratches, you can use double plastic bags for each leg.

#4: Felt Pads

These are the best ones and the most recommended ones. The felt pads work extremely great for moving heavy furniture on the wooden floors without scratching them or harming them at all. You can find these pads anywhere in your local hardware stores. You can also order them online.


So, if you were wondering how to move heavy furniture on wood floor, you have four different ideas and ways to do it. All these ways are tried and tested ones. They work wonderfully on the hardwood floors. These methods will help you to keep the flooring intact without causing any damages or harm to it. You need to make sure that you use any of these methods to move the furniture around your home. Otherwise, they can leave a very ugly scratches and stains on your floor.