Gifts for Ramadan Eid – What Should You Gift?

Ramadan is a sacred and solemn festival, and it is certainly a time of reflection and prayer and of course, charity. It is a festival that talks preaches and practices peace, love and universal brotherhood. It is much more than catering to material needs and worldly desires. This festival is a chance to go much beyond superficial living and try and answer some questions to your inner self and get closer to the spiritual world. Hence, Ramadan also marks the season of fasting and it also is the season for offering and gifts. If you are looking for the best gifts for Ramadan Eid, then you could get quite a few suggestions from this article. There are endless gifting options available and choosing the right one could be a confusing task. Hence, we are hopeful that the tips given below could be useful in more ways than one.

Gifts for Ramadan Eid Gifts for Ramadan Eid

Gift Baskets

Food without any doubt is one of the best gifting options, and it makes all the more sense during Ramadan when Muslims are into fasting. Hence, gift baskets with fruits and other such things could be a good gifting option. You could pack your gift baskets with almonds, dates, honey, juices, pistachios, fruit cakes, dates and other such things. You can either customize the same or offer readymade options taking into account your budgets and customers needs and requirements.

Islamic Calligraphy Art

Islamic culture have some of the best and ancient artistic works to interpret the Quran into an art form. This has resulted in some of the best non-representational calligraphic works. It indeed is a treat to see and enjoy, especially those who know the Quran well and can understand when it is represented graphically and pictorially. It is available at different prices, sizes, shapes and materials in which the calligraphic art is made available. Many creatives have also incorporated Islamic text into jewelry and wearable pieces. Hence, it certainly could be a good buy for all those who are keen on offering something unique and different to their loved, near and dear ones.

Jewelry and Watches

There is no doubt that any man or woman would enjoy receiving some sort of jewelry or watches as a gift. To make this gift more meaningful, do your due diligence and find out what the person enjoys most out of their jewelry. You can then customize the gift to their liking or choose something that’s unique.

CDs and Books For Children

There is no doubt that children of all ages love CDs and books, and presenting the same during Id-ul-Fitr could be a great way forward. Though in today’s modern world of the internet and computers, it might be a bit tough. If you are able to convince them and teach them the finer points of book reading and quality CD watching, then it is quite obvious that you could be offering something that is quite unique and good. However, you need to do your research and offer them something that is of the best quality in terms of contents and presentation. You have them available in different price ranges and therefore, budget should not be much of a constraint. You can buy them either from brick and mortar stores or have them purchased from online stores.

Ramadan Gift Card

You also could send a secret Santa gift exchange card as a Ramadan Eid gift. This can be used by your guests to exchange the gift cards for various gifts of their own choice and liking. By doing so, you are not binding them on certain fixed gifts and are rather allowing them to make a purchase that they think are best suited to them.


Hence, if you look around and do your research, you will certainly come across dozens of gifts for Ramadan Eid. You could choose them depending on age, gender, price and other attributes. Many service providers can also have them delivered to the house of the guest.