Getting Around Seattle Without a Car 

Many people want to know if getting around Seattle without a car is possible. While Seattle is often thought of as being an area where having a car is essential, this is not accurate. By taking advantage of the public transportation and other options, you can travel here without renting or using a car. Many of the transportation options available accept the ORCA card, so it’s a good idea to purchase one if taking these options.

Getting Around Seattle Without a Car 

Getting around Seattle without a car is rather easy. You can take Getting Around Seattle Without a Car the light rail, the metro, water taxi, the transit system, segway tours and more.

1. Take the Central Link Light Rail

The light rail won’t take you a lot of places but it’s one of the best ways to travel from downtown Seattle to and from the airport. If you’re going to be mostly downtown Seattle and only need a way to get to the airport, then this is your best option. The trip is less than an hour and runs every day of the year.

2. Take the King County Metro

This is a transportation system that has almost 220 routes via bus or trolley. It’s one of the best options for traveling in the Seattle area and very economical as well. If you’re not familiar with Seattle, you’ll want to view their website and look at the schedule as well as the lines available. The schedule for King Metro also changes on the weekends and holidays so plan accordingly.

3. Use the King County Water Taxi

Just like its name suggests, this water taxi is going to take riders from downtown Seattle to Vashon Island and West Seattle. This taxi has a somewhat limited schedule although it may be the most efficient way to travel, depending on your destination. During the summer months, the water taxi runs seven days a week but only on the weekends during the winter.

4. Try the Sound Transit System

This transportation option is useful if you’re going to be traveling between Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties. This transportation system includes the ST Express Bus, Tacoma LInk, and Sounder Commuter Rail. You can also use an ORCA card with this transportation option or pay with cash. Check the schedule to determine the best route for your travel. However, the ST Express bus almost always runs seven days a week.

5. Stay Local with the South Lake Union Streetcar

This route is handy if you want to travel to and from downtown Seattle to South Lake Union. The streetcar is easy to take and operates every day of the year. It also runs every 15 minutes so you won’t have long to wait between streetcars.

6. Segway Tours 

Another fun and local way of exploring the city of Seattle is via segway tours. This way, you don’t necessarily have to explore on foot, but can just cruise through the city with a group of people while learning fun facts about the infamous segway

7. Walk Short Distances

Although you’ll want to take transportation options for longer travels or the islands, most of Seattle is walking friendly. Additionally, most of its main attractions are located in the downtown area. Depending on your travel itinerary, you may be able to walk to all your destinations faster than any transportation option available.

Bottom Line 

Keep in mind that schedules and routes change periodically. Check schedules before traveling to avoid getting stranded and pack according to the weather. However, these options demonstrate that it’s easy to travel in and around the city and getting around Seattle without a car is easier than you may think.