How to Save Money on Food at Disney World – Pro Tips

Do you know that Disney World is the world’s most visited vacation resort? It is, and with that, you can easily imagine how it can get really expensive. That’s why we’ll go over different ways on how to save money on food at Disney World so that you can spend more on all the fun stuff!

It’s obvious that the world’s most visited vacation resort will have delicious drinks, snacks, and foods; we are not asking you to starve yourself in the name of fun! The idea is to make little changes in your spending habits and you will leave the place satisfied and with a fatter wallet. Therefore, have a look at the money-saving tips that will help you save more money on food at Disney World.

How to Save Money on Food at Disney World

Some ways on how to save money on food at Disney World include gettingHow to Save Money on Food at Disney World your snacks from home, skip the milk, juice or soda, identify all of the affordable buffets and more.

Get Your Snacks From Home!

For people who are allergic to certain food items like wheat or gluten, this is an obvious idea but for those who want to spend less on the food available inside Disney World, this can actually be a good idea. Therefore, packing your own drinks and snacks can save you a lot of money if you know what to bring with you.

Skip Milk, Juice or Soda

If you are thinking to order milk, juice or soda with every meal, then you should consider skipping it. Imagine, if you are having three meals on the day of and you order three drinks, it will easily be around or maybe more than $10. It will obviously become higher if you are visiting with your family members or friends.

Therefore, you should consider having just a cup of water with meals, which are free. If you want to have some coffee, you can always get one in your room or resort. After all, a little caffeine after a fun but the long day is always delightful.

Identify the Affordable Buffets

The majority of buffets that you will find at Disney World are quite expensive. However, there are two which are comparatively affordable – Trail’s End Restaurant that you will find at Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort, and Liberty Tree Tavern that you will find at the Magic Kingdom. You will get it at $30 or less, including drink and dessert!

Carry a Cup for Free Refills

This is actually more of a hack more than a tip! It’s true that Disney World does not offer free refills at most restaurants, but there are few where you can take advantage of, such as the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. You can get free refills in these places during meals. So, keep your Disney cup handy and refill it while you are there to have a meal. This may not be an impressive idea, but sure is an effective one!

Wrapping It Up

These are a few tips and tricks that you can consider on using to know how to save money on food at Disney World. Now, there are obviously a few more tips like skipping the character meals or try to avoid taking the dining plans. Be sure to make note of these tips before you plan your big trip to Disney World.

Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools – Unique Ideas to Consider

One of the most popular ideas for a fundraiser usually has something to do with food. Some food fundraising ideas for schools are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration. The best part of these ideas is that you can use them independently for raising funds as well as include them in all of your events like an evening for tasting a variety of food items. Although before including them in any of your events, you should be sure that it must be worthwhile and beneficial for your motive.

Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools

You can go through the food fundraising ideas provided and know the ways to use these ideas to raise funds more effectively to make your mission successful. You can choose any type of food for fundraising events, but they should be popular food items so that you can more and more people to support your fundraising idea.

Some of the food fundraising ideas may include:

  • Candy bars
  • Cookie doughFood Fundraising Ideas for Schools
  • Doughnuts
  • Lollipops
  • Wine Tasting Evening
  • Food Tasting Evening
  • Taste Test Fundraiser
  • Cookbook Fundraiser
  • Pasta Fundraisers
  • Spaghetti Dinner Events
  • Wine Pull Raffle
  • Fundraising Water Bottles!
  • Coca Cola Fundraiser
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Coffee Fundraiser
  • Fortune Cookies and Fundraising Cookies
  • Popcorn  
  • Fruit Fundraiser
  • Discount Pizza Cards Pizza Fundraiser
  • Biltong / Beef Jerky

Some of the food fundraising ideas given above are easy to sell and cheap, whereas some are profitable as well as healthy. Some items can be made more profitable for raising funds by offering discount cards. So, while choosing the food items for a food fundraising event you should choose popular foods that are greatly in demand.

How to Use Food Fundraising Ideas

The information provided here will help fundraisers to know the ways to use these ideas in a worthy manner.

  • Prepare food and organize some event
  • Choose food products popularly in demand
  • Advertise the event
  • Promote your sales team by offering incentives
  • Know your pitch of sale and practice it
  • Offer some alternatives also


After going through the food fundraising ideas for schools provided in this write-up, it can be easily be said that most of these ideas are very easy to implement successfully. But while choosing from them, you should be sure to choose the most popular products for the supporters and members of your event.