Fly Fishing vs Regular Fishing 

Fishing can be the best way to spend some great time alone or with friends and family. The best way to enjoy fishing is to have a relaxed time and prepare for the trip. The two most popular types of fishing are fly fishing and regular fishing. There are some basic differences between these two fishing types. If you want to know more about fly fishing vs regular fishing, then read on. This article will help you to get a complete idea about these two types of fishing and their differences too.

Fly Fishing vs Regular Fishing 

Fly fishing vs regular fishing? The differences between the two include the types of rods used, flies vs lures, you fish in lakes compared to rivers and the presentation are different. 

Difference Between Fly Fishing & RegFly Fishing vs Regular Fishingular Fishing

There are some basic differences when it comes to fly fishing and regular fishing. They include:

  1. Rod type: While the rod used for fly fishing are fly rods, spinning rods are used for regular fishing. The fly rods are light in weight and are used to cast the line with false casting, but the spin rods are much heavier in weight. They cast monofilament line along with single cast.
  2. Flies vs. lures: In fly fishing, you have to use flies such as nymphs, streamers, dry flies and emergers. They imitate all types of food that the fish feed on. For the regular fishing, heavier lures are used for attracting the fishes.
  3. Lakes vs. rivers: While fly fishing is mainly done on moving waters such as rivers, the regular fishing is done on stillwater such as lakes. Although sometimes fly fishing can be done on stillwater too. 
  4. Presentation: Fly fishing generally allows you for a stealthier presentation as well as upstream presentation. Also, you can work in the tighter quarters while fly fishing. But the regular dishing works well only for crawdads or imitating baits. They are presented at different water depths. 

Which One is More Popular?

While the main intent of the fly fishing is to fool the fish with an artificial fly that is made up of different animal pieces like hair or feathers, the spin fishing is really meant for catching many fish. In fly fishing, most of the fishermen challenge each other with a more difficult fishing form. So, they catch as many fish as possible during this period. 

The fly fishing has become quite popular these days now. The fly fishermen are trying to catch almost anything and everything with the help of the fly rod. In most of the cases, they fish for trout. But the regular fishermen are probably the better bet unless and until it is not for trout. 


So, this is all about fly fishing vs regular fishing. If you are really interested about fishing and want to try something, then you can go for fly fishing. Fly fishing can be a great experience for you if you are with your friends and family. Challenge each other and start fishing. This will help you to enjoy a fascinating experience in fishing. Fly fishing is done in most of the countries nowadays, especially during the summer and in moving waters such as rivers. So, you can have a great time enjoying this.

When is Trout Season in California? – Fishing Year-round

When is trout season in California? April 27 of 2019 is the day when the California trout season kicked off. Local government hatcheries made adequate preparations in the weeks leading up to the occasion. Anglers can look forward to more than 95,000 pounds of the fish amassing a population exceeding 170,000. That said, here’s what else trout enthusiasts can expect for the season that is to come.

When is Trout Season in California?

In truth, you can fish across a number of lakes, rivers and other water bodies throughout the area during the rest of the year as well. During the in-season, the red tape is off for highly coveted locations in Eastern Sierra which bring together many from within and beyond the most populous state in the US. Fishing can be a great team building activity to get the team out of the office.

What Areas are Limited?When is Trout Season in California

Ice and heavy snow have rendered some waters impassable and these areas will remain no go zones. The CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) has flagged down certain lakes which have turned into hostile fishing grounds unfavorable for human occupation. The conditions should let up sometime in early July enabling anglers to go fishing.

A Daily Limit of Five

The general rule of thumb across streams, rivers, and lakes presently stands at no more than five trout per day with a regulated possession of 10. For anyone above the age of 16, a state fishing license is a prerequisite for any fishing activity within California. Just like many other policies on gear specifications, bag sizes, and size requirements, rules differ from one area to another particularly on closing and opening days. Anglers are therefore advised to check with local authorities to familiarize with exact policies of the specific area.

In Conclusion

Back to our question of the day: when is trout season in California? Well, the date for the official unveiling was 27th April 2019. The season began on the last Saturday of the said month and spans all the way to November of the same year. However, this is peak season, and you can fish for trout throughout the year. That has always been the case year after year and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

River Fishing Tips and Tricks – Prepare to Catch the Big One!

Fishing in the river can be challenging if you haven’t done it before. This is because a river often has fast currents, and they are quite different from fishing in quiet, calm lakes, or creeks. It takes particular technique and supplies to perform this well and enjoy your leisure time. This article will show you some useful river fishing tips and tricks.

River Fishing Tips and Tricks

When it comes to river fishing, it’s important to be aware of the best locations in the river to fish at. You’ll also want to use proper baits and lures to attract the fish you’d like to catch. Here are some tips below to help you get started:

Location, Location, Location

Because river fishing is difficult, it is better to choose those areas that make it easier for you to catch fish, especially if you are beginners. In general, rivers with curved edges are ideal because fish tend to gather and look for foods on the edge. You can also look for a river with merging currents because there would be foods for fish flowing into the river, meaning that more fish might come to these parts. If possible, select a spot with islands and weeds on them since fish like sheltering there. Another thing to keep in mind is that calm rivers without fast currents are always better for fishing.

2. Choose Suitable Bait

River Fishing Tips and Tricks

Fish which live in rivers, such as catfish, carp, bass, or sturgeon need bait which could attract them to the hook. These species often prey on many kinds of sea creatures and other fish, so make sure to do research and choose suitable bait for your targeted fish. Make sure to prepare many types of bait because you will fish for different fish types.

3. Select a Good Reel and Rod

It can be intimidating to visit a sporting equipment store, but you do not have to spend a fortune to choose the right reel and rod to start. Just talk to the seller for advice and pick one in your budget. In most cases, a medium-length pole can be ideal for most beginners. Choose a rod with the roughly same height as yours and a comfortable weight for the casting arm. For reels, there are two main types. While bait cast reels can spool vertically, spinning reels are available in closed and open varieties and are more common for many beginners.

4. Get the Right Hooks and Fishing Line

Typically, the smaller the line and hook, the higher the chance the fish bite. However you don’t want the hook to be so small it doesn’t catch anything. You need to match the type of line to the kind of pole that you use. For example, if you use a looser pole, then choose the lightest gauge as a smaller line will allow for more fish. Also, make sure the hooks you use should fit the type of fish you want to catch. Ask the seller or an experienced friend for better decisions.

To Summarize

Whether you want to catch dinner, or spend time with your friends and family, fishing can be a perfect way to enjoy your free time outdoors and experience a vibrant range of fish. While river fishing can be hard, these useful river fishing tips and tricks will make everything simpler for you. Enjoy and get ready to catch plenty of fish out on the water!