What is a First Look?

Many people who’ve heard the term first look are not sure what it means. So, what is a First Look? A first look refers to a “non-traditional” wedding day event where couples see each other before the wedding ceremony. Some people believe that it’s bad luck for the wedding couple to see each other before the traditional walk down the aisle. Here are some thoughts regarding First Looks.

What is a First Look?

In this article, we’ll consider some of the thoughts on First Looks and why you should consider it before your wedding day. We’re going to consider some of the benefits of a First look ranging from the wedding couple having more time with guests to enjoy private moments together.What is a First Look?

Nerves and Anxiety

Many couples state that as much as they want to uphold the tradition, they were actually more concerned about not falling on the way to the altar after tripping on their dress or remembering the lines they’ve rehearsed several times over than seeing each other at the end of the aisle. After the First Look, most couples are relaxed and ready to get on with the rest of the party.

More Time with Guests

A first look enables the couple to spend more time with guests and not off taking pictures during cocktail hour, for example. A first look also offers the couple an opportunity to enjoy a nice moment with each other and collect themselves before the ceremony.

Thanks to a First Look, you don’t have to sacrifice the photos you want while also maintaining a balance of seeing and spending time with family and friends who traveled to see you. Most portraits, for example, can be done during the First Look to avoid running out of time later.

Private Moments

It’s no secret that couples rarely get much of alone time during their wedding day, and that’s where the First Look comes in. Moreover, not everyone wants to experience this special moment in the presence of hundreds of people. A First Look is the ideal opportunity to spend a few special minutes together to love each other, complement each other and shed some tears of joy. The big reveal during a First Look can be more magical when you feel you’re not on stage where everyone is viewing you.

Makeup Touch-Ups

After spending lots of cash on a great hair and makeup artist, the last thing you want is mascara streaking down your face. A First Look allows for a majority of the formal photos to be taken when your makeup and hair looks fresh.

Bottom Line

So, what is a First Look? The short answer is that it’s a day before the wedding day when couples see each other and you can even capture the moment with some memorable photos. It can benefit your plans for the day in several ways but it all boils down to preference. There are no rules set in stone so do what feels right for you.