All Kinds of Tractors

Since the invention of automobiles, tractors were introduced, and they have proved to be invaluable machines. These machines have made a huge difference to agriculture, making it easier for farmers and other laborers to operate with efficiency and much less effort. Below is a list of all kinds of tractors available in the market. 

All Kinds of Tractors

Here are some of the most common types of tractors:

  • Utility tractors
  • Compact Utility Tractor
  • Sub-compact utility TractorAll Kinds of Tractors
  • Track type tractors
  • Backhoe tractors
  • Specialty Tractors

Sub-Compact Utility Tractor

Sub-compact Utility Tractors are specially used for farming purposes. The tractor typically features a small engine and lesser horsepower than other types of tractors. They also have comparatively smaller and thinner wheels with parts that can be removed easily or fitted again if necessary. Besides agriculture, the Sub-compact Utility Tractor gets used for gardening, land maintenance, raking, and landscaping.

Compact Utility Tractor

The Compact Utility Tractor is also used for farming but not for harvesting on commercial levels. They generally have higher horsepower than your Sub-compact Utility Tractor, ranging from about 24 horsepower to about 60 horsepower.

Utility Tractor

The Utility Tractor has higher horsepower than the previously mentioned tractors, ranging from about 45Hp to 140Hp. These tractors are primarily used for farming and landscaping. The Utility tractor is also popular because it can be used for multiple purposes. You don’t have to purchase different parts of the machine separately as your typical Utility Tractor will have various parts attached as well as many other types of equipment for performing other field work and tasks.

Specialty Tractors

As the name suggests, these are tractors designed for particular purposes. For instance, if a crop needs to be specially harvested, then you’ll need a Specialty Tractor for that sole purpose. The horsepower of these types of tractors also varies depending on need.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders are commonly used in construction and civil engineering projects. They’re often used for a wide range of tasks including small construction work, breaking small rocks, paving roads, digging, and the transportation of building materials. They shake a lot while digging, which is why they’re fitted with Hydraulic stabilizers to balance.

Due to their versatility and compact design, they’re one of the most popular tractors. They’re also commonly used in disaster management, landscaping; swimming pool, cemetery and septic system digging; as well as other similar applications where larger tractors are not practical due to their size.

Large Wheel Loader Tractors

Large Wheel Loader Tractors are heavy machinery used to load or move aside building materials such as rocks, sand, and debris. These types of tractor feature a wide bucket used to scoop materials such as construction debris and sand from the ground. They also have different names such as front-end loader, wheel loader, bucket loader, etc.

Bottom Line

There are all kinds of tractors for different purposes. Other types include military tractors, pushback tractors, bulldozers, lawn tractors, and row crop tractors, among others. Some tractors are designed for general purposes while others are made for specific tasks. When choosing a tractor, consider the purpose, the scale of work to be done, maintenance needed, as well as the safety tips associated with tractors.