Unusual Team Building Activities – Bringing the Team Together

Are you looking for some ways to boost the productivity on your team? You want to inspire them to work with their full potential. There are many proven steps that you can consider to increase the productivity of your team and the efficiency of your organization. Don’t forget to get notebooks for everyone for them to have something to take back with them. To help bring some more excitement and unison to a team, consider trying these unusual team building activities.

Different Unusual Team Building Activities

Blindfolded Food Tasting

This unusual activity can really help you to build your team and to win the trust of your team members. It is fun and entertaining. All your team members are going to love this idea. Blindfold them and ask them to choose from a variety of food.


Unusual Team Building Activities

Paintballing is a common team building activity. Organize a paintball event to develop the team spirit.

Board Games

You might have a team with different age groups, interests, and passions. Therefore, it is important to organize an event or activity that can be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for such an activity, you can think of board games. This game can entertain all regardless of age. You can arrange multiple games set up and declare a winner to make it even more fun and interesting.

Cardboard Boat Racing

Cardboard boat racing can entertain many. Divide your team members into different teams and ask them to build their own boats. Make sure that everyone is able to get the same resources to build the boat.

Zombie Evasion

This activity is a bit different from the paintballing. You do not need to shoot each other. Instead, you will have to try to get rid of all those zombies coming to get you and find ways to escape them. There are different escape rooms that can really help bring a team together and build communication and critical thinking skills.

Sports Day

You can also plan for a sports day to bring all your team members together. They will enjoy having fun. This is also an idea that can be done on the weekends where the team can bring their family out with them as well. Don’t forget to get matching graphic tees for the event! 

Bottom Line

All of these unusual team building activities will work well with proper planning. The best way to create a productive team is to bring them together and to inspire them to enjoy the moments most. Sometimes even getting together to have an online fundraiser to help with costs can help your team out.  Some ideas for these activities included a blindfolded food tasting, paintballing, board games, sports events, a zombie evasion, and boat racing.